About the Churchill Fellows' Association of Victoria



The Churchill Fellows Association of Victoria is an incorporated association run by a properly constituted management committee for and on behalf of Victorian Churchill Fellows.

Throughout the year the Association hosts various functions and activities including:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • New Fellow Workshop
  • Workplace visits, where the new fellows are welcomed, introduced and showcased.

At these functions and activities you can be entertained by the passion and experiences of the many and varied topics of past Churchill Fellows from across Victoria.

You can also experience the fellowship of linkages with other Churchill Fellows from around Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

A Churchill Fellowship benefits everyone:

  • The individual - because their determination, drive and dedication is recognized; 
  • Their organisation - because one of their number is recognized for excellence and
  • Australia - because the Churchill Fellow will return with skills and knowledge not readily attainable here.

You too can become part of the story of the Churchill Fellows by applying for a Fellowship!!! Why not put in an application?

Applications for the next round of Fellowships close mid-May. More information is available on the Churchill Trust's national website www.churchilltrust.com.au


Pictured Above Right: Back - Shane Ringin (2000 Fellow), Paul Walshe (2002 Fellow)  Front - Keran Howe (2005 Fellow) and Pat Boyle (2004 Fellow)