The Churchill Fellowship History

In 1962 the Duke of Edinburgh asked Sir Winston Churchill, then aged 88, what memorial he would like to be established in his name. Churchill suggested something like the Rhodes Scholarships, but available to all and on a much wider base. As a result of this request, a fund-raising exercise was organized and was prepared to swing into action the moment Churchill died. 

Sir Winston Churchill died on 24th January 1965 and the Churchill Memorial Appeal Day occurred on Sunday 28th February 1965. On that day in Victoria, 30,000 collectors called on 600,000 homes. All monies collected on that day were banked on that day. Banks opened especially for the Appeal Day. The Victoria goal was $180,000, while Australia wide the objective was $2 million. In Victoria $428,000 was collected and $4.4 million Australia wide. This was the most successful one-day fund-raising appeal in Australia – as remarkable as the man it honoured! 

Those funds collected in 1966 and wisely invested, have enabled some 4000 Fellowships to be awarded across Australia.