Honorary Life Members


Janine Barrand, 1999
To gain knowledge and understanding of performing arts museums - USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Japan

Louise Chamberlin, 1992
To research techniques and applications of puppetry and maskmaking in education - Vietnam, Japan, Italy, UK, USA

Henry Gaughan, 1991
To study student and public programmes conducted by art galleries and museums - USA, UK, France, Italy

Richard Grant APM, 1996
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify trends in the use of telecommunications by criminals and to study methods of interception - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands

Graeme, Henderson, 1979
To study and investigate new trends and developments in criminal investigation - USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand

Charles (Doug) Howick, 1968
To study various aspects (habits, distribution and significance) of certain wood destroying insects, their major economic importance and the likelihood of being transported into Australia - UK, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa

Max Phelan, 1970
To extend knowledge of disaster control, civil defence and rescue techniques - USA, UK, Denmark, Japan

John Rogers, 1973
To study the latest methods adopted internationally of facial identification in relation to criminals, unidentified persons and skeletal remains - Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong

Conrad Wood, 1969
To study technology of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in their application to tasks of forestry significance - USA, Canada, England, Sweden