VIC Fellows and their Projects | 1966-2016 | A-Z 


Mr Gavin Ackerly, 2014
To investigate how to access the entrepreneurial potential of asylum seekers and refugees using a Humanitarian Innovation Platform - USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, France, Kosovo, Uganda

Mr Leslie Adams, 1976
To investigate alternative forms of school organisation and curriculum structure which prepare students for citizenship and vocation through work experience - UK, Italy

Mrs Anne Adams, 2002.1
To study how farmers can invest in and capture value from intellectual property in the herd recording industry in the face of new technologies and new science  - USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand

Ms Lucinda Adams, 2013
To address the negative impact of laws regulating public space on people experiencing homelessness - USA, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, UK

Ms Catina Adams, 2014
To observe strategies for engaging young parents to improve outcomes for vulnerable children - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Sylvia Admans, 2007
To study how to market and promote a new model of philanthropy - Canada, USA, UK

Ms Julia Agostino, 2012
To assess local government strategies for transitioning communities - UK, Denmark, USA

Mrs Helen Al Helwani, 2005
To assess strategies used for settling non-English speaking immigrants into dominant Western cultures with the view of adapting the most effective methods into Australian rural communities - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Mr Graeme, Allan, 1997
To investigate community based accommodation models for persons with a brain injury - USA

Ms Fiona, Allan, 1997
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study advanced performance training for exceptionally gifted young musicians - USA, Canada, UK, Germany

Dr Sonia Allan, 2011
To undertake a cross-jurisdictional study of regulatory requirements for recording and releasing donor information in assisted reproduction - Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, UK

Mr Timothy, Allen, 2000
The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to investigate community stewardship for marine protected areas in temperate climates - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mrs Lyndell Allen, 2002.2
To study conducting techniques and education methodologies used in choirs - Hungary, USA, UK

Mr Daniel Almagor, 2003
To study the management of "Engineers Without Borders" organisations for implementation within an Australian model - USA, Tunisia, Nepal, UK

Dr Hernan Alonso, 2012
To study the structure of an oil-degrading protein using cryo-electron microscopy - Japan

Mr Ronald Amor, 1969
To study taxonomy, ecology and control of blackberry - UK, USA, New Zealand

Ms Jacqueline Anders, 2015
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective approaches to re-engaging youth offenders with education - Denmark, UK, USA

Dr Bruce Anderson, 1980
To study overseas developments in herd health and preventative medicine with special emphasis on mastitis and infertility - USA, UK, Canada

Ms Michelle Anderson, 2002.1
To investigate the promotion of a stronger interface between health and education for children and young people with health and associated needs - UK, Canada

Inspector Matthew Anderson, 2004
To examine methods currently employed by foreign governments and policing agencies to protect critical infrastructure and to ensure the continuity of service if these sites are interrupted - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Israel

Ms Sarah Anderson, 2008
The Dame Joyce Daws Churchill Fellowship to assess prosthetics and orthotics curriculum - Sweden, USA, UK, Germany, China

Ms Lisa Anderson, 2009
To study Indigenous community education and leadership - Canada

Mr Mark Annear, 1989
To study dance notation at the Benish Institute of Choreography - UK

Senior Sergeant Raymond, Applebee, 1976
To gather relevant proven information concerning the operation and safety of small boats - UK, USA, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Ireland

Mr Robert Appleton, 1974
To study overseas developments in the early treatment given to victims of heart attack and motor car accidents - USA

Dr Francis Archer, 1997
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to identify policies, processes and data on ambulance services - UK, USA

Miss Mary Archibald PSM, 1988
To visit selected renal programmes overseas in order to study aspects of renal failure and to observe programmes concerning nursing staff in specialty units - USA, Canada, UK, Italy

Ms Margaret Armstrong, 2004
To study restorative justice programs/models that focus on the development of emotional, physical and psychological safety for all members of the school community - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr David Ascher, 2012
The Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to study the structure guided drug design of allosteric inhibitors enabling protein-protein interactions to treat cancer - UK, Spain, Turkey

Inspector Murray Ashby, 2006
To study inter-agency co-operation between police and health agencies to determine best practice in the identification and reduction of critical incidents involving persons affected by mental health issues - Japan, China, UK, Ireland, USA

Mr Duncan Ashby, 2013
To determine how Australian farm succession and productivity can be enhanced through improved leasing practices - UK, USA, Canada

Mr John Ashworth, 1969
To study foreshore erosion problems, dredging operations and equipment - UK, USA, Netherlands

Inspector Kenneth Ashworth, 2006
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate how major sea ports manage port security relative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements including strategies used to tackle organised crime - Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands, USA, Singapore

Ms Heather Atkins, 1996
To investigate the restructuring of rural communities - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands

Ms Janet Atkinson, 2001
To examine initiatives taken by self-regulating medical registration bodies to protect the community from a doctor whose standard of professional performance is poor - Canada, UK, Netherlands, Sweden

Mr Philip A'vard, 1986
To gain knowledge of overseas developments in children's theatre so as to improve theatrecraft and administration in Australia - Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden


Mr Robert Baines, 1979
To undertake a study of the fine metalwork of the ancient Greek and Etruscan goldsmiths and the method of granulation in particular in order to apply such techniques to the artistic expression of the ancient but timeless quality of the Antipodes - USA, Greece, Italy, Germany, UK

Mr Ian Baker, 1978
To study overseas developments in the integration of human and material community resources in technical and further education - New Zealand, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, USA

Mr Richard Baker, 1988
To study industry developments in efficient marketing and retailing of red meat in the USA and UK and to undertake advanced courses for Master Butchers in meat and smallgoods preparation and marketing in Europe - USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France

Ms Julie Baker, 1997
To study the community approach to care and education of young children - Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA

Mr Leo Baker, 2011
The Churchill Fellows' Association of Victoria Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods for sustaining production and creative culture in the Australian animation industry - Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong

Dr Sivacarendran Balendhran, 2014
To create high performance electronic memory devices by combining exotic two-dimensional materials - USA

Ms Angela Ballard, 2009
To study sexual assault prevention and intervention in a military environment - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Richard, Barley, 1999
The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to study landscape and horticultural maintenance and management practices in botanic and public gardens - UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria

Mr Timothy Barlow, 1996
To discover the lessons for the management of Australia's south eastern grasslands in the management of the North American Prairie - USA

Mr David Barnard, 2015
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to undertake professional development as a Head of Music and Opera Repetiteur - Germany, France, Italy

Dr David Barnes, 1978
To study developments and programmes relating to the psychiatric treatment of criminal offenders with particular emphasis on rehabilitation and correction - USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden

Ms Janine Barrand, 1999
To gain knowledge and understanding of performing arts museums - USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Japan

Ms Sarah Barton, 2010
To research the content for a landmark documentary about the history of the disability rights movement - USA, UK

Mr Frank Barzyk, 1987
To study advanced tuba, orchestral and solo performance as well as teaching techniques with leading exponents of the instrument - USA

Ms Kylee Bates, 2012
To examine employer-driven initiatives that increase employment participation by people with disabilities - UK, Ireland, Denmark, USA

Ms Dawn Baudinette, 2001
To identify and research Primary Harvesting and Distillation methods and equipment used by commercial lavender growers which could be adapted for Australian growers - Japan, USA, UK, France

Mr Graeme Baxter, 2000
To investigate ways in which visitors to national parks can participate in the collection of ecological data - USA, Canada

Ms Christine Beddoe, 2003
To investigate evaluation techniques for advocacy and social mobilisation campaigns against the sexual exploitation of children - UK

Mr Phillip Beekhuizen, 1995
To study private and public institutions which promote labour/management co-operation in individual enterprises - USA, Germany, Japan

Ms Narelle Beer (Willingham), 2013
To undertake specialised training in the development and execution of integrity testing in policing - USA, UK

Mr David Bell, 2001
To investigate the creation of large-scale theatrical works that, despite their size, remain strongly connected to the human experience - USA, France

Ms Catherine Bell, 2001
To investigate drug education curriculum models, drug related student welfare practices, peer education and intersectorial collaborative approaches to drug education - UK

Miss Sarah Benjamin (now Sammon), 2006
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate the processing, packaging, marketing and storage of premium dried petals and their value adding potential for Australian flower growers - USA, Canada, UK, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China, New Zealand, Netherlands

Detective Sergeant Philip Bennett, 1972
To survey police duties and conditions in other countries - Singapore, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, Denmark

Mrs Sandra Bennett, 1982
To study teaching methods used for the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation of patients who have spinal cord injuries - USA, UK, Germany, France

Mrs Linda Bennison, 2002.2
To gain knowledge on how the European Grassland Federation and the American Forage & Grasslands Council operate to establish a similar organisation in Australia - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA

A/Professor Julie Bernhardt, 2012
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study environmental enrichment as a new treatment for brain injured individuals - Sweden, Spain, USA, Canada

Ms Jennifer Beveridge, 2016
To explore how innovation and collaboration can improve outcomes for people with eating disorders - Canada, USA, UK, Sweden

Miss Margaret Biggs, 1977
To study care services, aids, training and administration in overseas low-vision clinics - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Timothy Bignell, 2013
To obtain advanced skills and knowledge in traditional blacksmithing practices through international exposure - Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, UK, Ireland

Mr Leslie Binns, 1978
To study developments in the European stud sheep industry - Russia, Finland, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden

Mr Mark Biss, 1983
To study the syllabus of secondary school courses which take account of the impacts of technology on the skills required by the workforce - UK

Mr Hal Bissett, 1992
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative housing schemes for low income households - UK, USA

Dr Soren Blau, 2013
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study technical aspects of analysis and interpretation of skeletal trauma in medico-legal investigations - USA, Colombia

Mr William Bloomfield, 2006
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study on-farm practical applications of various methods of food safety systems - USA, Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany

Mrs Lynda Blundell, 1981
To study financial counselling services to assist persons burdened by debt and the associated operation of legal and credit co-operatives - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Nicholas Bochner, 2009
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study the use of improvisation in teaching classical music - UK

Ms Madeleine Bodenham, 1997
To study pigment (paint) and materials identification for use in conservation and restoration - UK, France, Spain

Mr Danny Bodycoat, 1983
To study developments in police physical training and health maintenance programmes in police departments - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong

Inspector Gregory Boland, 1998
To evaluate measures to encourage and integrate Indigenous people into the police force - New Zealand, Canada, USA

Ms Ann-Maree, Boland, 1994
The Jerusalem and University Botanical Garden Churchill Fellowship for the study of horticulture in Israel and recent developments in USA - Israel, USA

Mr Arthur Bolkas, 1999
To investigate the role of religion in developing a sense of moral responsibility in offenders with particular focus on child sex offenders - USA, UK

Mr Nicholas Bolto, 2009
To undertake a review of innovation in court based information, support and referral services - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Cambodia

Ms Joanna Bosse, 2009
To develop new curatorial models for Australian art museums to work with Indigenous artists and their communities - Canada, USA

Mr Ronald Bothe, 1966
To study solid state switching as applied to industrial machine tool control and complete a thesis on the pertinent data and facts as a result of study - UK, USA

Ms Jennifer Bowles, 2014
To review options for residential therapeutic treatment for young people suffering substance abuse/mental illness - New Zealand, UK, Sweden

Mr Guy Boyd, 1969
To study advanced techniques in sculpture and third dimensional design - USA, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway

Detective Superintendent Patrick Boyle APM, 2004
To liaise with law enforcement agencies currently experiencing criminal gang problems with a view to developing bi-partisan community/policing strategies to prevent the further entrenchment of criminal gangs in Victoria - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong

Mr Paul Boys, 2016
To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA

Ms Kate Brady, 2010
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study disaster recovery services following a variety of emergencies - USA, UK, China

Mr Michael Bramwell, 2001
To investigate models of providing psycho-social and counselling support to rurally based patients with end stage HIV/AIDS - UK, USA

Mr Trevor Brandon, 2002.1
To study farmhouse cheesemaking and marketing strategies for matching cheese with regional food and wine - Italy, France, UK

Mr Norman Branson, 1985
To study computer aided dispatch of emergency vehicles, with particular reference to ambulance services - USA, Canada

Dr Graeme Brazenor, 1981
To study developments in advanced neurosurgical techniques - Canada

Ms Kate Breen, 2014
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of inclusionary zoning requirements to support the delivery of affordable housing - USA, Canada, UK

Miss Jenna Breen, 2014
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study low horn performance methods in the world's top orchestras - USA, Germany, UK

Mr Alan Breidahl, 1995
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to develop skills in the assessment and surgical correction of craniofacial deformities - Tawain

Mr Glen Brennan, 2007
To establish an Indigenous Micro-enterprise Program in Australia - USA, Canada, France, UK, Ireland

Dr Nadine Brew, 2014
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study the monitoring of brain blood flow to prevent brain injury in preterm babies - USA, Spain, Japan

Mr Anthony Brinkley, 2004
To study water (particularly groundwater) resources, land use change and catchment protection - Italy, Austria, Germany, UK, USA

Ms Erin Bromfield, 2015
To study approaches for assessing gender-based claims for refugee status put forward by women - Belgium, USA, Indonesia

Ms Lesley Brooks, 1986
To study overseas curricula, materials and teaching/learning methods for students and teachers of post-primary small business education in order to develop teaching materials and disseminate ideas in Australia - USA, UK, Canada

Mr David Brown, 1979
To study overseas developments in the linking of prison literacy programmes with community literacy schemes - USA, UK

Mr Ross Brown, 1997
To investigate the development of International Benchmarking for World Best Practice in family owned and operated wine companies - New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Chile, France, Spain

Mr Craig Brown, 2003
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study stagecraft for multipurpose performing arts centres and schools, particularly identifying an alternative to the traditional "flytower" - UK, France, USA, Canada

Miss Bonnie Brown, 2008
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to undertake an intensive mentorship with internationally renowned Brazilian concert pianist Cristina Ortiz - France

Mr Wallace Bruce, 1971
To study all aspects of the dairy/beef industry - New Zealand, UK, Netherlands

Ms Gabrielle Buick, 2000
To study programmes designed for hospital emergency departments to recognise and manage victims of domestic abuse - USA, Canada

Mr Peter Buissink, 1991
To study and view current procedures and trends in fingerprint science and crime scene procedures and methods including the use of latent impressions at crime scenes - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Richard Burbury, 1977
To study the design of nets and associated equipment used in trawling for demersal fish - Canada, UK

Mr Allan Burgess, 1994
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study the development of the human resource in the dairy industry - USA, UK

Dr David Burke, 1970
To study the work of spinal injuries centres and extend knowledge of physical rehabilitation - South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, France

Mr Haig Burnell, 2011
To study alternative methods for delivering classical music to a wider audience - Czech Republic, France, Germany, Finland, UK

Mr Graeme Burnham, 2002.1
To study the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety practices on farms - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Harry Burton, 2000
To study integrated crop and animal management and derive implications as they affect the Australian food industry - UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

Ms Sharon Butler, 2007
To investigate practical strategies and tools that schools can use to assist parents to engage in their children's learning at both primary and secondary levels - USA, Canada

A/Professor Brenda Button, 2014
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to gain expertise in life supportive treatment for patients bridged to lung transplant on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation - France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, USA

MS Julie Buxton, 2016
To explore truth and reconciliation models to acknowledge cultural rights of Indigenous Australians - East Timor, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada

Mr John Byrne, 1999
To investigate the social impact of Vietnamese young people's involvement in the drug industry (drug use and/or trafficking) - Vietnam, USA, Canada, France


Mr Gregory Cahill, 1995
To investigate new and innovative ways of encouraging and promoting on-farm diversification and new farm enterprises - USA, UK

Mrs Lillian Caldwell, 1972
To study the organisation and administration of multi-media resource centres - UK, USA

Ms Mary Callahan, 1998
The Victorian Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to study book design practices - UK, Italy

Mr Michael Callan, 1996
To investigate the production and marketing of shellfish - Japan, France, China, UK, Ireland

Ms Karen Campbell, 1997
To examine the implementation of quality assurance (QA) programmes for seafood - USA, Canada

Ms Tammy Capocchi (now Hunter), 2007
To gain knowledge and understanding of traditional Indigenous practices relating to Natural Resource Management - New Zealand, Canada, USA

Dr Megan Cardamone, 2013
To undertake a study tour of Indigenous (Native) digital museum and heritage projects - USA

Ms Molly Carlile AM, 2008
To explore how the arts are being used in health promotion to facilitate community 'death discussions' - USA, UK, Ireland

Ms Jill Carr, 2004
To visit refugee employment programs, in particular, those using mentors and which focus on enterprise and connecting refugees with the business sector - UK, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA

Mr Trevor Carr, 2006
To undertake a comparison of available and emerging technology, and of innovative care models, in providing cost effective solutions to the social and health risks taken by older people who choose to maintain independent living - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Miss Elizabeth Cartwright, 1975
To study developments in cell culture in relation to several metabolic diseases - UK

Mr Albert Catanese, 1989
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to evaluate and share recent developments in the habilitation of persons with cerebral palsy - Hungary, UK, USA

Ms Lauren Caulfield, 2013
To research community-based safety projects and strategies to combat gender violence - USA

Mrs Joanne Cavanagh, 1990
To observe the implementation of innovative programmes which have been developed in response to research identifying the incidence of abuse of children in substitute care - Canada, USA

Miss Christine Cavanagh (now Ham), 1979
To undertake a course in ultrasound at the West Florida Hospital in Pensacola, Florida - USA

Miss Louise Chamberlin, 1992
To research techniques and applications of puppetry and maskmaking in education - Vietnam, Japan, Italy, UK, USA

Mrs Fiona Chambers, 2001
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to explore different approaches to facilitating the growth of organic farming practices within mainstream agriculture, particularly within the dairy industry - USA, UK, France, Denmark

Mr James Charlwood, 1986
To study and work on the restoration of historic buildings so as to better preserve Australian historic buildings - Italy, France, Germany, UK

Ms Daphne Cheah, 2002.1
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to implement the establishment of Australia's first liver cell bank - USA

Miss Marita Cheng, 2011
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study strategies used to most effectively engage female schoolgirls in science, engineering and technology - USA, Jamaica, Germany, UK

Dr John Chesterman, 2012
To investigate the abuse, exploitation and neglect of at-risk adults - UK, USA, Canada

Mr David Chesworth, 1997
To investigate the working methods of internationally acclaimed composers of contemporary opera - USA, UK

Ms Melanie Chilianis, 2006
To study practical approaches to planning and teaching music technology in primary school classrooms with an emphasis on digital projects that enable students to compose and create - USA, UK

Mr Robert Chin, 2007
The David Young Churchill Fellowship to ascertain the trends and relationship between environmental weeds and the nursery industry - USA, Canada

Mr Louis Chirnside, 1998
The George Weston Foods Limited Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest trends in tomato production, processing and consumption - Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA

Ms Peta Christensen, 2004
To explore community gardens and related projects focusing on issues of food security and community development within a diversity of cultural groups and low income communities - USA, Canada, Brazil, Denmark

Mr Claudio Ciro, 2005
To develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the technique of scagliola (marble imitation) - Italy

Ms Coleen Clare, 2003
To study centres that support "families at risk" of child abuse and the removal of children - UK, Canada, USA, Finland

Mr David Clark, 1994
To study the application of sustainable ecosystems to dryland agriculture - USA, UK

Mr Benjamin Clark, 2007
To analyse the evaluation framework and giving programs developed by philanthropic and cultural organisations - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Roger Clarke, 1981
To study developments in the field of veterinary nursing and animal health technician training - USA

Mr Craig Clifton, 2006
To study climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in natural resource management - UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, USA

Mr Alan Coad, 1967
To study mole drainage and reclamation of saline land - UK

Mr Dane Cody, 2013
To study the latest technology and techniques in location sound recording - USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand

Ms Ruth Cogan, 2000
To develop blacksmithing skills with world renowned artist blacksmiths - UK, Germany, USA, Czech Republic

Miss Samantha Cohen, 1997
To study the lute and theorbo - UK

Miss Joanna Cole, 1995
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study Bel Canto opera and Italian language - Italy

Ms Amanda Cole, 2000
To study the latest techniques used in specialised language coaching for classical singers - France, Germany, Italy

Dr Alexander Collie, 2010
To study the impact of compensation on health and work outcomes following injury - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Mrs Ralda Collins, 1979
To study developments in aids display and information centres as well as observe developments in the research and design of aids and equipment for disabled persons - UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Mark Collins, 2013
To improve motorcycle rider safety by updating training methods and curricula in Australia - Japan, UK, Netherlands, Austria, USA

Mr Alfred Colliver, 1967
To make a study of social welfare administration, theory and practice and the principles of social survey and self study research - Canada, UK

Mr Allan Condon, 1974
To study agricultural aviation and pilot training with particular reference to pilot safety and the administrative control of the use of chlorinated hydrocarbon and organophosphate insecticides - Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria

Ms Maree Conheady, 2003
To study the provision of creative environmental play/adventure landscapes for children - USA, Japan, Italy, UK, Norway

Ms Monique Conheady, 2009
To investigate public transport systems utilising the latest technology to incorporate newer forms of transit such as bicycles and car sharing - China, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, USA, Singapore

Miss Bernadette Conlon, 1999
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study the accordion - Ukraine

Dr Desley Connell, 1976
To undertake a review of recent progress in the most prominent environmental research establishments - USA

Mrs Anne Connelly, 1991
To study ecclesiastical embroidery and design and modern fabric decoration in religious settings - UK

Ms Megan Connelly, 2014
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to investigate dance training, coaching and rehabilitation methods used in international companies and schools - USA, UK, France, Russia

Mr Neil Cook, 1980
To attend the 1980 World Congress of Rehabilitation International in Winnipeg and to study the effectiveness and standards of the accreditation programmes for services to the blind and visually handicapped  - USA, Canada

Mrs Mabel Cook, 1969
To study ostomy management, attend world ostomy convention and to acquire knowledge of English ostomy appliances - UK, USA

Mr Luke Cornish, 2013
To establish an international recognition of Australian stencil art through networking and collaborating with highly successful artists - UK, France, USA

Mr Raimondo Cortese, 2005
To participate in writing workshops conducted by internationally recognised theatre companies specialising in creating dialogue through actor improvisation - Germany, France, Portugal, UK, USA

Ms Georgina Costello, 2004
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study approaches to people trafficking law and policy that can be applied to Australia, particularly trafficking victim support programs, law reform and co-ordination between NGO's, police and governments - Italy, USA

Sergeant Christopher Coster, 1987
To evaluate the latest techniques in Neighbourhood Watch in order to pass on new ideas to the programme in Victoria and other States - USA, Canada

Miss Wendy Couch, 1984
To undertake intensive study of advanced techniques in percussion performance at San Jose University California - USA

Dr David Coventry, 1990
To visit land conservation and rangeland management projects which use assisted re-vegetation - USA

Mr Ian Cox, 1966
To study correctional establishments in New York and California and attend two study seminars at Chicago University on institutional and group work - USA

Reverend David Cox, 1971
To study specific aspects of the Greek and Yugoslav cultural backgrounds as an aid to helping migrants from those countries and to study problems of migrant discrimination generally - Greece, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, USA, Canada

Mr Dean Cox, 2005
To investigate the roof slate industry through direct contact with companies that produce and export natural slate - Spain, UK, USA

Mr Jonathan Craven, 2015
To investigate effective recycling of urban and agricultural wastes to provide positive outcomes for agriculture - Israel, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada

Ms Emma Crimmings, 2015
To research innovative and successful artists residency programs to apply in an Australian context - Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, UK

Mr Simon Crisp, 1996
To investigate programmes to assist young people with severe psychological or psychiatric problems - New Zealand, USA, UK

Dr Catherine Crock AM, 2009
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the benefits of family involvement in effective healthcare by examining patient and family centred care models - USA, Canada, UK

Mrs Sarah Crooke, 1991
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study new strategies to increase autumn/winter milk production - USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands

Mr Gary Crosbie, 1999
To improve knowledge and understanding of abnormal foot conditions in the horse and gain experience in advanced, specialised shoeing - USA, UK, Sweden

Ms Caroline Crosse AM, 2001
To investigate rehabilitation approaches for people with a mental illness focusing on helping those with a chronic disability - USA, UK

Miss Sarah Cuming, 1994
To achieve higher standards of cello playing and general musicianship - Croatia

Mr Ian Cuming, 1987
To study the role and structure of overseas farming organisations and to use that knowledge for the benefit of Australian farmer organisations - USA, UK, France

Mr Kevin Curran, 1988
To study the techniques employed in dealing with organised crime by overseas law enforcement agencies, with particular reference to criminal gangs, with a view to introduction of suitable strategies in the Australian Police Force - USA, Canada 


Ms Sue Dahn, 1991
To study the US and UK responses to the finance gap experienced by social and community-oriented economic development ventures denied access to funds through traditional lending and equity channels - USA, UK

Dr William Darmody, 1995
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to assess the effectiveness of the milk and dairy beef residue prevention programmes - USA, UK

Mr Philip, Davies, 1998
To study "paddock to plate" vertically integrated red meat production and packaging systems - UK, Ireland, France, Italy

Ms Carmel Davies, 2007
To study innovative ESL teacher training and classroom practice for adult learners - USA, Canada, UK, Spain

Mr Stewart Davies, 2007
To study engineering programs for effective community development - USA, Canada, Nepal, India, UK

Miss Clare Davies, 2012
To study strategies for effectively resettling unaccompanied humanitarian minors - UK, Norway, Sweden, USA

Captain Jason Davies-Kildea, 2006
To study holistic models of care, for highly disadvantaged people, which have been established in faith-based communities - Kenya, UK, USA

Mrs Jillian Davis, 2002.1
To undertake an intensive study of the great muralists and contemporary mural developments and methods - Italy, USA

Reverend David Dawes, 2001
To examine the relationship between spirituality and healing in cancer and terminal illness patients - USA

Mr Ronald Day, 1972
To study the meat industry including promotion, trade education and consumer education - USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark

Miss Cheryl Daye, 1990
To investigate organisations involved with providing art programmes for people with an intellectual disability, with the aim of extending the range of programmes available in Australia - Belgium, UK

Dr Peter De Cruz, 2012
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study the assessment and optimal management of intestinal failure - UK, Belgium, Spain

Mr Ian De Cruz, 2013
To find new ways to build international cooperation around climate change where Australia can continue to play a constructive proactive role - China, Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, UK, Belgium, USA, Chile

Ms Tania De Jong AM, 1996
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study the performance and presentation of opera - Greece, UK, Austria, Germany

Ms Karella De Jongh, 2005
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to research hospital language systems and analyse policy frameworks and strategies to deliver quality health interpreting/translation services to multicultural communities - Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA

Dr Natalie De Morton, 2010
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study physical ageing in community dwelling older adults - USA, Canada

Mr Anthony De Wit, 2011
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study aero-medical patient care and mission safety practices - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada

Mr Robert Deakin, 2012
To establish a national program to assist young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to overcome social isolation and help build friendships - Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark

Mr Michael Delahunty, 1996
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study the provision of health services to rural communities - USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland

Mr Frank Delahunty, 1997
To study recent trends in agricultural investment and management - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Mary Delahunty, 2015
To investigate campaigns for gender equity reforms in international retirement systems - Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA, Chile

Mr Bernard Delaney, 1974
To study the latest overseas investigative techniques recognised as being most beneficial in drug law enforcement - USA, UK, Germany

Dr Barbara Denton, 2002.1
To undertake a study of residential and non-residential parenting and family based services that target the needs of illicit drug-using parents with young children - USA, UK

Miss Linda Dessau AM, 1994
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to study ways of reducing the cost and delay in the criminal justice system - Canada, USA, UK

Dr Marilyn Di Stefano, 2013
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to examine advances in vehicle technology/rehabilitation applications to enable independence for drivers with disabilities -  UK, Sweden, Italy, USA, Japan

Mr Gavin Didsbury, 1982
To study the design and implementation of rehabilitative programmes for drink drivers - USA

Mr Richard Divall, 1976
To study and gain extra knowledge and understanding of conducting, coaching techniques and training in operas particularly in respect  of "new" operas - UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria

Ms Barbara Donovan, 1991
To investigate a pre-retirement programme for people with developmental disabilities - USA

Mr James Douglass, 1977
To study overseas methods in aseptic processing and packaging of foods - UK, USA, Norway, Netherlands

Mr Mark Douglass, 2011
To explore new production techniques for blown, cast and pressed glass for lighting and architectural applications - Czech Republic, Italy, USA, China

Ms Stephanie Dowden, 1997
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to study paediatric rehabilitation programs - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Clifford Downey, 1999
To study the application of quality learning principles in schooling - USA, Italy

Mrs Catherine Drew, 2000
To study landscape design in relation to horticultural therapy - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Denis Driscoll, 1969
To study curriculum and teacher training courses in chemistry - UK, USA, Canada

Mrs Sheila Drummond, 1967
To conduct research into the effects of infant feeding on the development of articulation and to observe and discuss overseas methods - UK, USA, China, Thailand, India, Israel, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, France

Dr Thomas Duff, 2015
The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to investigate examples of extreme fire behaviour to improve the Australian bushfire model - UK, Portugal, USA

Ms Susan Duncan OAM, 1998
To research to latest methods of modifying light aircraft to extend the boundaries of aviation to people with physical disabilities - USA, UK

Matron Esme Dunell MBE, 1971
To visit centres where units for multi-handicapped blind children are operating - UK, Netherlands, USA

Dr Adrian Dunlop, 2005
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to improve the health care of both pregnant women who are addicted to heroin, and their babies - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Austria, Norway

Mrs Jennifer Dunn, 1990
To study development of commercial rabbit farming overseas with particular reference to environmental impact, genetics, nutrition and marketing - USA, UK, Denmark, France, Spain

Mr Roderick Dunstan, 1997
To study best practice in school and public education in botanic gardens - UK, Germany, USA, Canada

Dr Jennifer Dwyer, 2005
To explore programs for assessing juvenile sex offenders with particular emphasis on maximising possibilities for family reunification and reconciliation - UK, USA


Mr Geoffrey Edwards, 1994
To research the history of glass as an art form - UK, USA

Miss Veronica Egan, 1983
To study developments in youth accommodation programs - USA, UK

Dr Gary Egan, 2008
To investigate the facilities and operations of the International Neuroinformatics Co-ordinating Facility - Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany

Mr Frank Eidlitz, 1966
To study visual communication - USA, UK, Germany, Israel

Ms Joumanah El Matrah, 2002.2
To explore the ways in which women's non government organisations improve the status and living conditions of Muslim women using a human rights based perspective - Canada, USA, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan

Miss Pauline Ellis, 1982
To study the means by which retarded children and those with multiple handicaps can be successfully integrated into schools for non-handicapped children - USA, Canada

Mr Ronald Ellis, 1967
To investigate and research into work with youth and families in other countries - USA, UK, India, Thailand, China, Philippines, Israel, Lebanon, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece

Ms Michelle Enbom, 2015
To learn new ways to manage intellectually disabled offenders including transition to the community - Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA

Mr Brian Englefield, 1980
To study the engineering aspects and application of mechanical grape harvesters - USA

Dr Robyn English, 1987
To study and assess the latest concepts in the organisation of sporting and recreational services for the disabled in order to improve the development and functioning of our associations in Australia - UK

Ms Caitlin English, 1999
To examine ways to improve the co-ordination of free legal services and public interest activities of the legal profession particularly for the benefit of disadvantaged communities - UK, USA

Mrs Sandra Evans, 1997
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of fruit and vegetable processing waste as a feed source for dairy cattle - USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Israel

Ms Alicia Evans, 2000
To study the nature and impact of forensic nursing agencies - USA

Miss Sarah Ewing, 1990
The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to experience first hand and meet with the creators of programmes which provide opportunities for public involvement in environmental problems - USA, UK, Netherlands, Kenya

Mr Tony Eyres, 2001
To assess the role of technology in rural communities focusing on the use of satellite and internet technology in agriculture, its applications and possible benefits - USA, UK, Italy, France

Mr Francis Ezard, 1971
To study the practices of, and research into, unedged wide-board sawing, seasoning, resawing, processing of timber and the utilisation of forest produce to the maximum extent possible - Japan, USA, UK, Netherlands


Mr Francesco Fabris, 1990
To study the Italian Operatic Repertiore - Italy, UK

Mr James Fairchild, 1970
To study the pig industry with special emphasis on genetic superiority of strains, methods of marketing and research findings - UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany

Ms Bronwen Fallens, 2002.1
To gain knowledge and understanding of programming and marketing youth audiences (18-25 years) within the international arts community - USA, Singapore, UK

Miss Janet Farrow, 2001
To assess support programmes for individuals and their families where substance abuse, family violence or mental disorders are present - USA, Sweden, Netherlands, UK

Mr Stephen Farrow, 2014
To improve the decision-making processes of the Victorian Adult Parole Board - USA, Canada

Mr Maxwell Fehring AM, 1997
To study drainage/effluent disposal and water sharing between agriculture, urban and city communities - USA, Canada, Israel, Netherlands

Mr Anthony Femia, 2012
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to learn the art of cheese affinage and facilitate the creation of a national cheese society - UK, France

Dr Doseena Fergie, 2016
To network, share and exchange knowledge with other Elders from Indigenous Nations around the world - Finland, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Mrs June Fialides, 1978
To study developments in the preparation of recorded educational material, books and general information for visually handicapped people - UK, USA, Greece, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Japan

Mr Rex Filson, 1971
To investigate types of lichen material in European herbaria, learn new techniques in the field of chemical taxonomy, collect lichens in the genera represented in Australia and make personal contact with lichenologists - UK, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Sweden

Dr Nola Firth, 2009
To assess resilience programs for children who have specific learning disabilities - USA, Canada, UK

Miss Roslyn Fisher, 1975
To study the techniques used and results obtained in research carried out in young-driver accident involvement - USA, UK, Sweden

Mr Lachlan Fisher, 1997
The Sir Ronald Brierley Churchill Fellowship to research the propagation, growing and processing of cricket bat willow - UK, India

Mrs Jeanette Fisher, 2002.2
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to investigate calf rearing systems with emphasis on neonatal bovine immunology, calf nutrition, feed conversion and the use of natural medicines to reduce dependence on antibiotics - USA, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand

Ms Gina Fiske, 1999
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study the benefits of Communities That Care (CTC) programmes for reducing adolescent problem behaviours - USA, UK

Mr Ronald Fitzgerald, 1972
To study the procedures and curricula used in the continuing education of 16 to 18 year olds - France, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada

Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon, 2015
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative legal responses to intimate homicide - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Alan Ford, 2002.1
To develop an educational programme to help students understand the principles involved in sustainable living - UK

Mr Warren Fordham, 1979
To study overseas developments in violin making and repairing - UK

Mrs Anne Forell OAM, 1973
To study the management of toy libraries for physically and mentally handicapped children and consult expert advisers, specialist designers and toy makers - USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway

Ms Margaret Forrest, 1986
To gain greater knowledge and expertise in playing the harp and then spread that knowledge by teaching in Australia - USA

Ms Justine Fountain, 1999
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to investigate the application of anatomical and physiological principles to the health and wellbeing of ballet students - UK, USA

Mr Scott Fowler, 2003
To study screenwriting and its place in film production procedures - USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Kenya

Ms Lyndie Freestone, 1998
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative programmes for young people who demonstrate severe "at risk" behaviour - Brazil, Canada, USA, UK

Mr Nicholas Freijah, 1992
To gain clinical experience with Computer Aided Socket Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CASD-CAM) for prosthesis (artificial limbs) and to attend the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics 7th World Congress - USA

Ms Eleanore Fritze, 2014
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to better protect the human rights and dignity of people with disabilities, who are detained and subjected to compulsory treatment in closed environments, through the use of legal services - USA, UK, Hungary

Inspector Stephen Frost, 1993
To study the licensing, training and setting of professional standards of private security agents and their relationship with traditional law enforcement agencies - USA, Canada, UK, South Africa

Mr Hal Fry, 1983
To study developments in weaving - UK

Mr Raymond Funston, 1990
To study supportive employment centres for disabled adults - USA, Canada, UK


Mr John Gaffney, 2016
To research the effects of vehicle lane changing on freeway capacity and road safety - Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece

Mr Stan Gale, 1995
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to improve the quality of customer service in the insurance industry - Hong Kong, USA

Professor Mary Galea, 2007
To study innovative rehabilitation concepts for treating spinal cord injuries - USA, Canada, Switzerland, UK

Mrs Michelle Gallant, 1975
To gain first hand experience in echocardiography of a practical kind and to survey unpublished theoretical information relating to this field - USA, UK

Mr Michael Gardiner, 1981
To study land management, particularly in relation to national parks and with special emphasis on alpine areas - UK, USA

Ms Diane Gardiner AM, 2002.1
To study the formulation, structure and implementation of public education and interpretation programmes in prison, police and magisterial sites - USA, UK, Finland

Mr Henry Gaughan, 1991
To study student and public programmes conducted by art galleries and museums - USA, UK, France, Italy

Mr Michael Gearing, 2005
To examine the methods used by Air Traffic Management organisations to teach situational awareness, spatial awareness, preparedness and decision making in order to ensure aircraft separation - USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, UK

Mr Haileluel, Gebre-Selassie, 2008
To assess migrant and refugee integration strategies - USA, Canada, Israel, UK, Germany, New Zealand

Ms Olivia Gemmell (now Andersen), 2007
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study mentoring programs for hearing impaired children/adolescents and their parents - UK, USA, Norway

Ms Amanda George, 2003
To assess the formal structures and informal constraints on the operation of women's prisoner committees in prisons - Canada, USA

Mr Stephen Gianni, 2006
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate models of leadership development for people with disabilities - UK, Ireland, Germany

Mrs Jennifer Gibbons OAM, 1982
To work with elderly and disabled persons using telephone resources for both primary care in the domicilary setting and for the audio link up of self-help groups - USA, UK

Dr Barry Gilbert, 1990
To gain further knowledge in the application of preventive health programmes for police forces concentrating particularly on physical, psychological and social strategies - USA, Canada, UK

Superintendent Craig Gillard, 2014
To study emerging and innovative crime prevention practices related to rural crime - UK, USA

Mr John Ginnivan, 2002.2
To investigate irrigation land use management strategies - USA, Netherlands

Ms Sara Gipton, 2011
The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies for expanding Australia's native forests in a changing climate - USA, UK, Germany

Mr Mark (Richard) Glascodine, 2011
To improve career advisory support to disabled students while at university - UK

Mr David Glazebrook, 2014
To investigate how organisations provide support and education to people with disabilities and mental illness so they can have positive, lasting and respectful relationships and partnerships - USA, UK

Sister Maureen Gleeson, 1974
To study problems associated with sick newborn babies more particularly those of low birth weight - USA, UK, Canada, Ireland

Mr Patrick Gleeson, 2006
To examine private and government funded Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) projects and assess their suitability for the Australian environment - USA, UK, Ireland, Italy

Miss Barbara Gliddon, 2001
To study production/screenwriting techniques within the film industry - UK

Mr Charles Glover, 1967
To investigate trade union organisation, educational programmes and facilities, trade unionists and related economic and industrial issues - UK, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany

Mr Keith Glover, 1975
To undertake observations and enquiries which will lead to improving effectiveness as a senior announcer in the overseas service, Radio Australia - Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden

Mr Jeffrey Godfredson, 1999
To investigate how emergency services in "at risk" communities prepare for incidents involving chemical and biological agents - USA, UK, Israel, Japan

Mrs Suzanne, Goodwin, 2003
To investigate the strategies and programs that develop the capacity and effectiveness of schools through the linking and integration of community support - USA

Mr Stuart Gordon, 1992
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to undertake a cotton classing course at the Texas International Cotton School and to visit various research institutes - USA

Mr Nicholas Gorman, 2014
To investigate key aspects of fish and fish roe production for the Australian domestic and export market - USA, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand

Ms Sarah Gough, 1986
To study the marketing of Australian wine in Japan - Japan

Mr Peter Gourlay, 1968
To study and observe modern techniques in aeronautical structure and design - UK, USA

Ms Julie Grainger, 2012
To examine strategies adopted in other jurisdictions for dealing with Litigants in Person in the civil justice system - New Zealand, USA, UK

Mr Roger Grant, 1994
To investigate the management of sustainable nature based tourism - USA

Mr Jim Grant, 2002.2
To investigate structures, systems, programmes and courses that produce or enhance Environmental Leadership - UK, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland

Detective Superintendent Richard Grant APM, 1996
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify trends in the use of telecommunications by criminals and to study methods of interception - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands

Mr James Gray, 1978
To study curriculum and teacher education developments in multicultural education - Canada, USA

Mr Coady Green, 2005
To undertake an intensive piano residency to enhance my studies of 20th Century French piano music with particular emphasis on the music of Olivier Messiaen - Germany

Mr Victor Greenaway, 1974
To investigate modern techniques in pottery and glasswork - Japan, Italy, Denmark, UK

Mr Edward Greenwood, 1972
To ascertain in English speaking countries, attitudes to and interests in children's literature and meet selected groups of authors/illustrators of this type of literature, and to visit centres of art/architecture - Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, Spain, UK, Denmark, Finland, Canada, USA

Mr Michael Greve, 1984
To study the skills and techniques used in Camouflage Prosthetics Departments - USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan

Mr Robert Grey, 1973
To broaden and to further present knowledge of pig-production and to study facilities for, and methods of, teaching modern pig-husbandry - UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada

Ms Simone Griffin, 2005
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to visit centres and institutes that are world leaders in their development of service delivery models and techniques in the area of communication and autism - Canada, USA, UK

Ms Lynett Griffiths, 1992
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to learn the best aspects of management that are currently employed by successful dairy production cooperatives - Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, USA

Ms Melissa Griffiths, 2014
To improve the crimnal justice experience of victims and witnesses involved in the prosecution of serious crime - USA, UK

Ms Jennifer Grigg, 2003
To study how certain rural communities are able to develop economic opportunities and prospects, the value and structure of cooperatives and the culture of entrepreneurship for sustainable development - Canada, USA, Ireland

Mrs Jane Grimwade, 1994
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to study Bed and Breakfast and associated accommodation and its influence in changing tourism patterns - USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland

Ms Carmel Guerra, 1994
The Danks Churchill Fellowship to study the planning, development and implementation of programmes for refugee and migrant young people - UK, Germany, Canada, USA

Ms Sandra Guest, 1996
To learn the latest concepts in quality management - USA, Canada

Mrs Betty Gulle, 1980
To undertake a course in Arts Programming and the Elderly at the University of Kentucky and to study the practical teaching of art to the aged at retirement centres - USA

Ms Nicola Gunn, 2016
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to research socially engaged and site-specific practices in contemporary performance - Austria, UK, USA

Ms Linda Gyorki, 2013
To research the ethical and practical barriers of integrating legal assistance into a health-care setting - Canada, USA, UK


Ms Jeanie Hall, 2003
To study how Rural Development Partnerships have assisted disaster affected regions rebuild into resilient sustainable communities through the grant making process - UK, USA

Mr Harold Hallenstein, 1990
To study the jurisdiction and administration of the British Coroner and the American Examiner/Coroner including the provision to them of services in forensic pathology, toxicology, forensic science and police - USA, UK

Mr Anthony Halliday, 1978
To undertake a one year post-graduate course in piano performance at the Royal College of Music, studying under John Lill and Claudio Arrau - UK

Mrs Kellie Hamilton, 2001
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study techniques for the isolation and culture of autologous chondrocytes (cartilage cells) to be transplanted to repair deep cartilage defects - Sweden, USA

Mr Stephen Hancock, 1987
To research and evaluate the use of low cost stablised clay grouting as a means of reducing water inflow to mines or as a means of containing contaminated liquids and to disseminate the information gained to professional bodies and the mining industry in Australia - Russia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, UK

Ms Xenia Hanusiak, 1998
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to study contemporary and classical operatic vocal technique - Canada, Italy, Belgium

Miss Diana Harcourt, 1973
To study administration and student teaching of dietetics and diet in diabetic, renal and other metabolic conditions - UK, France, Germany, Belgium, USA

Mr Martin Hardy, 2008
To investigate criminal infiltration and the impact of improper association upon policing/public organisations - Austria, France, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Mr Martin Harmer, 2016
To ensure Australian farmers can make informed, risk and profit optimising pasture variety choices - UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay

Mr Philip Harper, 1983
To study development in youth services for deaf people - USA

Mrs Jeannette Harrison, 1993
To explore ways in which early childhood centres can respond to changing societal needs and deliver relevant family support programmes - USA

Mr Lawrence Harvey, 1996
To study the composition and presentation of electro-acoustic music - UK, France

Dr Michelle Harvey, 2013
To describe the bacterial fauna associated with the blowfly Lucilia sericata in flystrike, carrion breeding and natural situations - USA

Mr Robin Harwood, 2000
The Jack Brockhoff Churchill Fellowship to observe how supported employment agencies initiate programmes to assist people with disabilities to gain employment - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr John Hawker, 1989
To investigate aspects of historic gardens - Italy, UK

Mr Douglas Hawkins, 1975
To study and observe overseas methods used in the treatment of domestic waste from individual properties and allied pollution control measures - USA, UK

Mr Donald Hay, 2002.2
The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate new strategies to recruit and maintain volunteers in the area of HIV/AIDS - USA, Canada, UK

Mr John Hay-Mackenzie, 1985
To research developments in the promotion and marketing of opera and music theatre - UK, USA

Dr Sharon Haymes (now Bentley), 2010
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to undertake research and training in the systemic review of new treatments for eye disease - UK, USA

Detective Sergeant Graeme, Henderson, 1979
To study and investigate new trends and developments in criminal investigation - USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand

Mr Geoffrey Henry, 1966
To study theories on colour receptors of the retina and methods by which images are transmitted to the brain - USA, UK

Mrs Jean Heriot, 1977
To study the Kodaly method of music teaching at Liszt Academy - Hungary

Reverend Anna Hetzel (now Killigrew), 1995
To undertake an analysis of the initiatives taken by the churches to promote the wellbeing of the long-term unemployed - UK

Ms Sophie Heywood, 2008
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study innovations in Aquatic Physiotherapy in the management of chronic diseases - Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, UK, USA

Ms Susan Hides, 1999
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study guidelines and technology for the management and processing of surplus dairy calves - UK, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr George Hill, 1988
To obtain practical and useful information from world recognised education institutions associated with catering and hospitality training and to research student standards and courses of study for cooks, chefs and fast food operators - USA, Canada

Reverend John Hill, 1981
To study developments in disaster technology especially as they relate to the counselling and long-term support of disaster victims and the Church's role in community rehabilitation - UK, USA, Canada

Ms Kristen Hilton, 2006
To investigate innovative strategies for improving legal services to people experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness - South Africa, USA, UK, Switzerland

Mrs Christina Hindhaugh OAM, 1998
To study broad-acre medicinal herb production and export marketing - USA, France, UK

Dr Michael Hindmarsh, 1992
To assess the different methods used for the control of toxic blue green algae and evaluate their relevance in solving the current water problems in the Murray Darling Basin - UK, Netherlands

Mr Raymond Hoare, 1972
To study the role and management of farms attached to agricultural colleges - New Zealand

Senior Sergeant Nicholas, Hoare, 1987
To study the latest trends in soft body armour in order to improve protection for the Victoria Police and to assist in a project to develop Australian made equipment for this purpose - USA, UK

Mr Miles Hodge, 1978
To undertake a diploma course in farriery and extension study in pathological horse shoeing and teaching techniques at Oklahoma Farriers College - USA

Mr Francis Hodgetts, 1972
To study the employment in sheltered workshops of people suffering from the more severe forms of disabling illnesses - USA, UK, Denmark, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Switzerland

Mr Raymond Hodgkinson, 1983
To study advanced techniques in footwear manufacture and attend a clothing machinists course at S.A.T.R.A. (Shoes and Allied Trades Research Association) - UK

Mr Athol Hodgson, 1966
To gain experience in forest fire research - USA, Canada

Ms Leanne Hodyl, 2014
To investigate planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments - USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea

Mrs Wendy Hoffman, 1983
To study developments in the educational, occupational and social training programmes for adult and adolescent autistic persons - UK, France, Germany, Norway

Mr Philip Hogan, 1988
The Percy Baxter Charitable Trust Churchill Fellowship to study aspects of helicopter ambulance services and their application to the current services available in Australia - France, Germany, Canada, USA

Dr Robert Hogarth-Scott, 1969
To study latest developments in the field of experimental pathology and immunology and to attend the Immunology Society Annual Symposia - USA, UK

Mrs Bronwyn Holbeche, 1990
To undertake an advanced course of study and to investigate infection control policies especially in relation to AIDS and HIV infected patients - USA

Dr James Holden, 1970
To widen knowledge and experience in the field of soil engineering - USA

Mr John Holdsworth, 1966
To study developments in guide dog training techniques - Israel, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA

Mr Peter Holdsworth, 1989
To study methods of assisting disadvantaged people to enter the workforce - UK, USA

Mrs Janine Holland, 1999
To undertake an exploratory study of maternity services - UK, Netherlands, New Zealand

Ms Natalie Holland, 2005
To examine the planning, implementation and stewardship of landscape-scale projects for the conservation of biodiversity - USA

Dr Cynthia Holland, 2009
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to gather data related to established children's programs catering for members of households significantly affected by either chronic illness or trauma in a parent - USA

Dr Anne Holland PhD, 2009
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to discover new ways to deliver Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Australians with chronic lung disease - UK, Norway, Spain, Canada

Mr Darrell Holt, 1999
The Sir Ronald Brierley Churchill Fellowship to undertake a detailed study of the structure and organisation of cricket umpiring - UK

Mr Kenneth Hood, 1967
To research decorative arts in galleries and museums - UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece

Ms Anne Hooker, 2007
To investigate programs for young male prisoners - Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA

Miss Patricia Hooton, 1985
To study the nurse's involvement in management, training, equipment, treatment and community education relating to burn units - USA, UK, Israel, France, Netherlands

Mr Brian Hopgood, 1978
To study the administration and course content of apprenticeship and industrial training - Germany, UK

Sergeant Ian Hopley, 1993
To study ways to combat all forms of child sex abuse and molestation - USA, UK

Detective Sergeant William Horman APM, 1977
To study the operation of the Juvenile Aid Bureau services -  UK, USA, New Zealand

Ms Netty Horton, 2001
To examine models of national foodbank (providing donations of food to disadvantaged people) organisations to assist in the development of foodbanking in Australia - Canada, USA, France, UK

Miss Anna Horvath, 2014
To enhance Australian law enforcement understanding of the American DEA's national communications database, their international covert money laundering operations, and how they can be fused within Australian law enforcement - USA

Mr William Howard, 1994
To study with and observe the world leaders of music education - UK, USA

Ms Joanne Howard, 2009
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods for preventing and responding to adolescent violence towards parents - Canada, USA

Superintendent Craig Howard, 2010
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate techniques for regional investigators to identify and disrupt groups on the path to criminal organisation - UK, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Mr John Howe, 1974
To study aspects of organisation and operation of teachers' centres in a variety of environments - UK

Ms Keran Howe, 2004
To explore models and resource materials relevant to health services responding to women experiencing violence, particularly pregnant women and women with disabilities - USA, Canada

Lieutenant Colonel Alan Howes, 1973
To investigate transport management education systems with particular reference to the role of the Professional Transport Institute - Canada, UK, USA

Mr Charles Howick, 1968
To study various aspects (habits, distribution and significance) of certain wood destroying insects, their major economic importance and the likelihood of being transported into Australia - UK, France, Germany, Sweden, South Africa

Miss Susanne Howsam, 1973
To gain further knowledge of the physiotherapeutic management of brain-damaged patients - USA, UK

Mr Robert Hudson, 1992
To study the ways in which governments have devolved or contracted out the management and provision of community welfare services - USA, UK

Mr Brett Hume, 1991
To study the management of hazardous materials emergencies - USA, Germany, UK

Mr Allen Humphries, 1972
To continue study and investigation of migrant education programmes - Israel, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada

Mrs Joan Hunt, 1988
To study how historical societies organise and administer their groups and to compare the styles and presentation of these societies  - UK

Mr Dale Hurst, 1994
To investigate the latest developments and findings regarding community based group programmes for domestically violent men and adolescent males - USA, UK, Canada

Mrs Thelma Hutchison, 2005
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study the development of career pathways in the dairy industry with a special focus on training mechanisms used by industry, community and family - New Zealand, USA


Ms Naomi Ingleton, 2011
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study the application of culture and production methods used by the best cultured butter producers in Europe - Sweden, France

Mr Thomas Ingpen, 2001
To address issues associated with the handling, storage and display of artefacts from Indigenous communities - USA, New Zealand

Ms Prue Innes, 1998
To gain insight into the relationship between the courts, judiciary and the media - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Lynette Ireland, 1991
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study the organisation and practices relating to tissue and organ transplants - USA

Mrs Bella Irlicht, 1996
To investigate the organisation of full-service schools - USA


Mr David Jack, 1980
To study the monumental works of artists of the past, the works of contemporary artists, and to study at those restoration studios where the chemistry and formulas of Masters' works is known - UK, USA, Mexico

Mr Alick Jackomos, 1977
To study economic development programmes in ethnic communities overseas - USA

Father Patrick Jackson, 1975
To study planned approaches leading to worthwhile (and possibly new) community groupings in such situations as camps, and other small associations of young adults and families - USA, UK, Canada, Mexico

Mr Keith Jackson, 2002.1
To study landuse change and its impact on rural communities - UK, Ireland, France, Canada, USA

Ms Susan Jackson, 2000
To study developments in services for people with intellectual disabilities - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Paul Jackson, 2007
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study lighting design for contemporary opera, dance and drama - Germany

Mr William James, 1976
To observe overseas developments to improve practical skill and theoretical knowledge in the field of precision optics - UK, USA, France, Switzerland

Inspector Graeme Jamieson, 1992
To study volunteer and auxiliary police services to assess the possibility of establishing an auxiliary police service in Victoria - USA, UK 

Mrs Maree Jamieson, 2002.2
To visit a variety of agricultural centres and exhibitions to determine how different groups deliver programmes to school children and the general public - UK, Canada, USA

Inspector Andrew Jay, 2005
To examine the traffic, crime and emergency management implications of Distribution Centres - USA, UK, France

Mr David Jenkins, 1973
To study Thailand in order to be a specialist writer of Asian affairs - Thailand

Mr Laurence Jensen, 1987
To investigate new processes in the manufacturing of cheese and to study the marketing and promotion of cheese in order to improve the future for the domestic specialty cheese market in Australia - France, Denmark, UK

Mr Barrie Johnson, 1982
To study developments in the technical aspects of neurophysiological research, with particular emphasis on research into tactile sensation with the aim of assisting those with injury or illness of the nervous system - USA

Mr Grant Johnson, 1983
To study developments in adult correctional administration particularly modern security technology, high security accommodation for prisoners, training and development programmes for prison staff, and the use of joint-sex prisons - UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel

Mr Colin Johnson, 1984
To study the translation of Bengali into English at the Ramakrishna Institute in Calcutta and to study at literature centres - India, Bangladesh

Ms Hilary Johnson, 1992
To study the latest developments in assessment and treatment in the areas of saliva control (drooling), mealtime assistance and severe communication impairment - UK, Italy, USA

Ms Melissa Johnson, 2002.2
To study innovative conservation techniques and strategies for rock art, as well as the sites and landscapes containing them - USA, Portugal, Spain, France

Miss Beverly Jones, 1974
To extend knowledge of nursing techniques in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal paralysis - USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France

Ms Liz Jones AO, 1999
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to examine the place of theatre and its cultural relevance - UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, USA


Mr Phillip Kafcaloudes, 2002.1
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to investigate trauma and grief training programmes for journalists - Canada, USA, UK, Germany

Mr Darren Kane, 1999
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to study current methodologies and techniques employed by international financial sector regulators - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong

Mr Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM, 2010

To visit leading refugee organisations to ascertain strategies for advocating and supporting asylum seekers in Australia - UK, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, USA

Mr John Kassab, 2009

To observe conceptual and technological innovation in animation sound design - USA, UK, New Zealand

Miss Lally Katz, 2010

To gain knowledge of current German, Irish and North American playwrighting techniques and processes - Germany, Ireland, UK, USA

Mr John Keast, 1981

To study the adaptation of telex equipment and telephone switchboards for operation by the blind and partially sighted and the training for their use - UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, USA

Ms Paula Kelly, 2008

To investigate international reading programs that support the development of readers and focus on reading as a vital and creative activity throughout life - UK, Croatia, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, USA

Miss Florence Kendall, 1966

To investigate kindergarten training colleges and institutions with particular emphasis on undergraduate courses in a number of American colleges and advanced courses in education - USA, UK

Dr Walter Kenley, 1970

To examine methods of professional accounting leading to the promotion of research into unresolved problems in business accounting - USA, UK, Canada, South Africa 

Mr Neil Kenworthy, 1982

To attend the Urban Renaissan Conference in Berlin and to study the background rationale, current practices and future directions of urban regeneration - UK, USA, Canada, Germany

Mr Norman Keogh, 1976

To develop further ability as artist-craftsman and educator in the specialised field of jewellery-making, gold and silversmithing and associated design studies - UK, Germany

Ms Patricia Kevin, 2005

To investigate farm forestry extension and education programs - UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden

Ms Grace Kim, 2004

The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to undertake intensive training in the art of Piano Performance at the Rotterdam Conservatorium - Netherlands

Ms Katherine Kingsbury, 1978

To undertake a course in domiciliary care of the dying at St. Christopher's Hospice, London, and to study developments in co-ordinating domiciliary care - UK, USA, Netherlands

Ms Kathleen Kirby, 2001

To forge alliances and investigate strategies to support the study of Asian cultures in countries with similar education structures and needs to Australia - Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, UK

Ms Johann, Kirby, 2010

To develop plain language community legal education programs by researching how these services are being effectively delivered through overseas programs - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden

Miss Catherine (Cathy) Kirkby, 1987

To study and evaluate techniques and trends in the artificial insemination industry generally in order to improve the quality of Australian herds - USA, Canada

Mr Alan Kogosowski, 1971

To receive specialised training with a view to becoming a concert pianist - USA

Mr Ivan Kolarik, 1986

To study innovative programmes for policing a multicultural society with a view to introducing programmes in Victoria based on understanding, tolerance and trust - UK, Germany, USA, Canada

Mrs Sylvia Kolarik, 1997

To investigate the structures and programs offered in world renowned specialist schools for gifted students in the performing arts - UK, USA 

Dr Laura Kostanski, 201

To study methods for recording unofficial place names into comprehensive data sets and improved knowledge transfer - UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Ms Sarah Kriegler, 2000

To investigate an intensive course in puppetry - Argentina

Ms Karen Kyriakou, 2012

To study inclusive music for deaf children - UK, Czech Republic


Dr Genevieve Lacey, 2006
To assess models for the presentation of classical music outside traditional forums, including forging artistic relationships with artists in a variety of fields and arts organisations - USA, UK, Germany

Mr Jon Lambert, 2003
To investigate economically viable systems that have been specifically developed for the harvest of small plantation resources - Spain, Sweden, Finland

Mr Peter Lane, 2000
To study successful apprenticeship growth strategies - Ireland, UK, USA

Ms Taryn Lane, 2016
To transition regional Australian towns to 100% renewable energy by learning from European examples - Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, UK

Mr Andrew Lang, 2002.2
To study the management and activities of farm forestry co-operatives - Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hungary, USA, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Japan

Dr Kenneth Langford, 1973
To study mathematical modelling of the hydrological cycle at the hydrograph laboratory - USA

Detective Sergeant Mark Langhorn, 2008
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to assess methods for enhancing police investigation techniques and training methodologyof transnational crime - UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Thailand, Fiji

Miss Christine Langley, 1985
To study the production, preparation and marketing of mohair - South Africa

Professor Richard Larkins AO, 1972
To obtain experience in clinical and investigational medicine - UK, Switzerland, USA

Ms Mary Laurenson, 1998
To research thework of Australian colonial artist Nicholas Chevalier - UK, Switzerland, Italy

Mr John Lavan, 1986
To study Magnetic Resonance Imaging, soon to be introduced in Australia, which will allow diagnosis of many diseases with greatspecificity and sensitivity - USA, UK

Ms Henrietta Law, 1996
The Jack Brockhoff Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest advances in physiotherapy to rehabilitate burn victims - USA, UK, Denmark

Mr Neil Lawrance, 1982
To study developments to restore country damaged by soil salt erosion and farming methods to prevent further occurences in drylands - Canada, USA

Mrs Judith Lazarus, 1998
To study strategies aimed at breaking the cycle of offending behaviour - Canada, USA, UK

Sergeant Geoffrey Le Couteur, 1981
To study developments in forensic aspects of crime scene investigation, with particular emphasis on recent trends in crimes of violence such as terrorism - USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy

Ms Roslyn Leary, 2005
To explore new models of service delivery for the resettlement of refugees who are arriving from Africa - South Africa, Rwanda, Canada, UK, Belgium, Netherlands

Dr Bryan Leaw, 2016
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to ascertain if amnion cells be used as a treatment for cerebral palsy - USA

Mrs Margaret, Leggatt, 1981
To study developments in the rehabilitation and supportive care for the chronically mentally ill - UK

Miss Elowyn Leonard, 1998
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to develop the skills needed to perform with competence as an orchestral clarinettist - USA

Mr Robert Leslie, 1991
To study the development of community based housing projects - UK, Canada, USA

Ms Janet Leslie, 2001
To investigate alternative and innovative ways to assist young people (15-25 years) with their recovery from mental illness in community based psychosocial rehabilitation programmes - Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr John Lesser, 2006
To study mental health tribunal hearings with emphasis on evaluation of overseas jurisdictions comparable to Australia - Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, UK

Mr Michael Letch OAM, 2006
To study programs that have successfully trained people with disabilities to snorkel and scuba dive and to assist in the establishment of the Australian Disabled Diver's Associations - UK, Netherlands, France, USA

Mr Michael Levine, 1978
To study overseas developments in small claims courts and tribunals and the committee systems - Canada, UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong

Mr Gregory Levine, 2011
To develop a model for Family Drug Treatment Courts for Australian jurisdictions - USA, UK

A/Professor Bronwyn Levvey, 2011
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to explore the potential of lung donation from individuals where their sudden death occurs outside an Intensive Care Unit - Spain, Belgium, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Brian Lewis, 1973
To examine youth services, professional youth leadership courses and methods of financing youth work - UK, USA

Mr Simon Lewis, 2015
To explore short term live-in intensive models for intellectually disabled students - Canada, USA, Peru

Dr Graham Lieschke, 2004
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to assess musical and management studies facilitating the liturgical presentation of J.S. Bach cantatas - Germany, USA

Ms Mary-Ann Liethof, 2007
To identify techniques to better manage the late effects of polio - USA, Canada

Dr Helen Light, 1988
To visit Jewish museums and archives to become familiar with their collections, facilities, exhibitions and particularly their educational role and to research, through their resources, some of the items in the collection of the Jewish museums of Australia - USA, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel

Dr Diane Lightfoot, 2001
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to evaluate current techniques in the detection and fingerprinting of major bacterial species which cause food poisoning with a view to incorporating the most relevant techniques as routine laboratory tests - USA, UK, Canada, France

Mr Richard Lightfoot, 1975
To discuss with and work with personnel engaged in the use of Melt-Sonde apparatus (used to obtain temperature profiling through ice) - USA, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany

Mr Bryan Lipman, 1993
To investigate the provision of homelike services for frail and elderly homeless men and women - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway

Ms Emma Litleton, 2015
To investigate ways in which medicinal cannabis is regulated for the treatment of seriously ill children - USA, Netherlands, Spain, Italy

Miss Dorothy Lorimer, 1973
To gain further knowledge of latest trends and procedures in radiography - USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain

Miss Tabitha Lovett, 2007
To study pro-bono legal, business and advocacy services for not-for-profit community organisations - USA

Mr Charles Lovick, 2008
To further my knowledge of nature based, heritage and eco tourism - USA, Canada, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria

Mr William Lowden, 1973
To study methods, material and equipment used by scholarly publishing houses and to contact trade leaders in the printing industry throughout the world - USA, UK, Canada, Germany

Mr Brian Luby, 1968
To study alcoholism in respect to administration and rehabilitation of patients - UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada

Mrs Lorraine Lucey, 1990
To work with bone china in slip form in order to produce first quality glazed, or parian blank shapes suitable for china painting - UK

Ms Victoria Lynn, 2008
To ascertain the impact of emerging technologies on new curatorial models and events - Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK

Mr Frank Lyons, 1980
To study the development of middle level, apprenticeship, pre-employment training, skills training, vocational, non-vocational and sandwich courses in agriculture and horticulture and to examine the involvement of members of industry and the community in devising courses to meet the needs of the local rural community - USA, UK


Mr Robert Macdonald, 1978
To study the latest developments in agricultural show programming and preparation and the latest techniques in pedigree recording - UK, Canada

Ms Frances Maclennan, 2001
To investigate the revitalisation of rural communities through strategic planning and community group facilitation skills - Canada, USA, France

Dr Tim Macnaught, 1995
To visit major centres for ethical and religious education and learn the lessons of the new national curriculum - UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, USA

Mrs Judith Macwilliams, 1997
To examine relationships between public hospitals and homeless persons agencies - USA, Canada, UK

Associate Professor Dianna Magliano, 2011
To study the relationship between diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and the development of cancer - France, UK

Mr Kevin Maher, 1976
To investigate selected overseas properties such as aspects of farming, on-farm feed utilisation, feed planning and management strategies under intensive dairying and beef situations - New Zealand

Ms Sara Maher, 2006
To study Community Adult Education based settlement programmes for newly arrived African women on Humanitarian and Women at Risk visas - Canada, USA, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark

Mrs Denise Main, 1986
To study overseas methods of prevention, detection and protection in relation to child sexual abuse in order to improve treatment in Australia - USA, Canada

Dr Phoebe-Anne Mainland, 2015
To enhance the safety of Australian patients by reducing misconnections between medical devices - UK, USA

Mr Graeme Mann, 1980
To visit Agricultural Engineering Research and Facilities to investigate how research is communicated to manufacturers and farmers and how it is applied - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Edward Marriott, 2001
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to study all aspects of travel accessibility for people with both physical and intellectual disabilities - USA, Canada, UK

Mrs Susan, Marriott AM, 1995
To study rural communities who have developed methods of extension that turn "awareness" into "action" particularly pertaining to agricultural land management - South Africa, Belgium, UK

Mr John Marshall, 1975
To examine pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training and testing in respect to various forms and methods of training and consequential results - UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden

Mr Andrew Marshall, 1986
To study the restoration and operation of historic locomotives and apply the knowledge to Victoria's Puffing Billy Railway - UK

Senior Sergeant Travis Marsham, 2012
To study innovative practices that enhance the building of police craft with an inexperienced police force - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Ms Caroline Martin, 2009
To explore methods for presenting and interpreting cultures and history in order to inspire and enrich the understanding of museum visitors - Finland, France, Germany, UK, USA, Canada

Mr Daniel Martin, 2010
To investigate integrated Varroa mite control for the future benefit of Australian beekeepers and farmers - USA

Ms Jane Martin, 2011
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study advocacy strategies to encourage government to adopt evidence-based policies to prevent Australians becoming overweight and obese - USA, UK

Mrs Bette Martyn, 1990
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to undertake a training and study tour of multi-organ procurement and transplantation centres - USA, Canada

Mr Simon Martyn-Ellis, 1999
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to study the lute and theorbo - Switzerland, Germany

Mr Keith Mason, 1978
To study and discuss overseas developments in cardio-pulmonary perfusion, myocardial preservation, counter-pulsation techniques and components - USA, UK, Denmark

Mr Peter Matthews, 1986
To develop distinctive choreographic style by a study of modern dance institutions - USA

Mr David Matthews, 2001
The Kondinin Group Whittington Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways in which grain growers can improve profitability through innovative marketing, increased involvement in plant variety development,  further processing of crops at production source and community bank models - Canada, France Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Noel Maughan, 1982
To study the pig industry with particular reference to the effects on producers of environmental and animal welfare issues - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Jeanette Maughan, 2004
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to evaluate models of dispute resolution in child protection matters and to determine the relevance and applicability of those models to the Australian judicial child protection system - UK, USA, Switzerland, Belgium

Mr Jack Maver, 1970
To undertake intensive study of design and construction of large dams and water distribution - Mexico, USA, Canada

Ms Andrea May, 1993
The Elisabeth Murdoch Churchill Fellowship to investigate computer applications for fine art practice, in particular tapestry - UK

Mr Anthony Maynard, 1971
To assist at the University of Pennsylvania in the research and development of new synthetic amino acid, carbohydrate and fat solutions to be used in complete parenteral nutrition - USA

Mr John Mcarthur, 1977
To study overseas methods of performance recording and progeny-testing of registered herd beef bulls - UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada

Reverend William Mccarthy, 1973
To evaluate educational developments with a view to their introduction in parish primary schools - UK, USA, Canada

Dr David Mccarthy, 2009
To investigate treatment technologies to reduce the risks of reusing urban stormwater - USA, Canada

Ms Anne Mccoy, 1993
To review establishment and use of a gait laboratory in the diagnosis and assessment of children with long term movement disorders - UK, Canada, USA

Mr Arthur Mccutcheon, 1969
To examine the role of urban research in urban planning, the means of co-ordination of community planning with public services and desirable local government and community role in redevelopment processes - USA, UK, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, India, Singapore, Greece

Ms Cathy McDermot, 2016
To explore animal therapeutics in the rehabilitation of youth in the juvenile justice system - Germany, UK, USA

Mr Rodney Mcdonald, 1989
The Gandel Churchill Fellowship to study alternative sources of revenue used or considered by local government and assess their applicability for Victorian local government - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Paul McDonald, 1993
To investigate accommodation and support for homeless people, particularly those suffering behaviour or personality disorders - USA, UK, Canada, Denmark

Mr Daryl McDonald, 1999
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study the application of sub-surface drip irrigation to broadacre agriculture - USA, Canada, Israel

Ms Shelley McDonald, 1998
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate programmes for young people with psychotic disorders - UK, USA, Netherlands, Norway

Ms Debra McDonald, 1999
To study zoo and exotic animal nutrition - USA

Mr Bruce McDougall, 1974
To study rural business administration - UK, Canada

Mrs Elizabeth McDowall, 1976
To investigate promotion-distribution activities for children's films and television series in overseas centres - France, Canada, USA, UK,

Mr Adrian Mceniery, 1996
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to seek to achieve excellence as an operatic tenor - Italy, UK

Mr Leonard McFadden, 1988
The Peter Mitchell Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study the repair of antique and complicated watches and clocks including the making of parts while maintaining authenticity of the original design and without reducing the value of these highly valuable pieces - Switzerland

Mr Paul, McFadyen, 1994
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate covert technical equipment used by overseas law enforcement agencies for evidence and intelligence gathering - USA, UK

Ms Anne McGann, 2003
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study models of care and management of vestibular (inner ear sensory system) clinics with the view to establishing a vestibular clinic within Melbourne Health - USA, UK

Dr Jennifer McGinley, 2014
To learn new strategies to enable people with Parkinson's disease to increase physical activity to improve health and quality of life - UK, Netherlands, USA

Mr James McGlashan, 1980
To study overseas developments in returning the spinal injured to the workforce  - Japan, UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium

Ms Catherine McGowan MP, 1990
To study the consultative mechanisms used for communication between rural communities, government departments and agencies with particular emphasis on rural women - Canada

Miss Joyce McGrath, 1968
To study and observe collections in art libraries and museums as an aid to research work in this field - USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong

Mr Shane Mcgrath, 2000
To study international practice in dam management - France, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada

Ms Maggie McGuiness, 1999
To research community service approaches to support and rehabilitate women with psychiatric disabilities - UK, Italy, USA

Mr John McKay, 2003
To study alternative approaches to the delivery of vocational education and training to thin student markets in regional communities - UK

Ms Sally McKay, 2004
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to evaluate disaster recovery models and ascertain how community disaster recovery can be further integrated with other activities to build community resilience to disaster - UK, Ireland, USA

Mr Rodney McKemmish, 1998
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to conduct research into new computer forensic techniques - USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Israel

Reverend Vincent McKenna, 1970
To investigate the layout, design and administration of schools - France, Germany, UK, USA, Sweden, Italy, India, Canada, Hong Kong

Mr Nick McKenzie, 2015
To improve Australia's fight against bribery of foreign officials and asset seizure regime - USA, UK, Ireland

Mr Lindsay McMillan, 1985
To study radio reading broadcast services for the print handicapped - USA, UK

Mrs Jennifer McMillan, 2000
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to investigate implementation methods for total quality management systems by dairy farmers - USA, UK, Netherlands, Sweden

Mr Ben McMurtrie, 2002.1
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the current trends and advancements in orthotic management of paediatric cerebral palsy - USA, Canada

Mr James McNeur, 2005
To investigate water efficient design techniques, drought-tolerant flora, innovative irrigation/reticulation strategies, infrastructure and creativity in grey-water recycling and desalination - USA, Spain, Israel, United Arab Emirates

Sister Margaret McNicol, 1979
To study facilities and services available for and management of terminally ill cancer patients - UK

Ms Lynne, McPherson, 1997
To investigate ways to improve the training of social welfare workers employed in the child protection field - UK

Dr Grace McQuilten, 2011
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study creative social enterprises that improve outcomes for refugee youth - USA, UK, Cambodia, Uganda, Ghana

Mr Fergus McTaggert
To evaluate initiatives to maintain family and cultural connections in Indigenous child protection cases - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Denmark

Miss Catherine McVeigh, 1974
To study developments in the extent of, and the working of, the integration of women police into what has been predominantly male areas of police duties - USA, UK

Ms Jen, McVeity, 2002.2
To establish contact with publishing houses and agents to facilitate direct channels between Australian creators and American publishing houses - USA

Mr Ian McWilliam, 1972
To examine current and proposed new approaches to teaching of chemistry at the tertiary level and to assess relevant requirements in buildings and equipment - USA, UK, Netherlands, Sweden

Mr Michael Meany, 1980
To study developments in the practical skills training of engineering apprentices - UK

Dr Jane Melville, 2015
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to advance Australian taxonomic research by integrating genomics and micro-CT with traditional techniques - Germany, Austria, Sweden, UK

Mr Christopher Mercier, 2013
To investigate the use of new technology for use by Australian Park Rangers in park and natural resource protection - USA, Indonesia, Mozambique, South Africa, Nepal

Dr Vincenzo Mercuri, 2006
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) screening programs for breast cancer detection in women at high risk - USA

Mr Michael Meszaros, 1969
To study medallion work and art at the School of Medallic Art in Rome - Italy

Mr Phillip Miechel, 1968
To advance skills in playing clarinet through lessons and contact with advanced musical climate and heritage - Germany

Mr John Miles, 1998
To investigate the management of educational foundations with emphasis on the rural sector - USA, UK

Mr Neville Miles OAM, 1985
To study management practices of large dairy herds geared to milk production for the home market - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada

Mr Philip Millar, 1993
To study advances in puppet design, construction and manipulation for television, film and theatre - USA, UK

Detective Sergeant Sinclair Miller, 1967
To undertake intensive study of the latest detective training and investigational techniques - USA, UK, France, Philippines

Mrs Janice Millikan OAM, 1987
To examine the formulation and implementation of government policy on multicultural programming for pre-school children so as to bring new insight in the provision of services to meet the needs of Australia's multicultural society - USA, UK, Canada, Singapore

Dr James Milne, 1971
To attend M.Sc. course in Occupational Health at London University and visit en route main world centres of occupational health study - Italy, Germany, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Michael Mitchener, 2002.1
To observe arts and cultural management practices - Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA

Mr Patrick Moffatt, 2008
To study trauma focused theatre arts for young people in custody - USA, Canada, Germany Mr, Kevin, Monk, , 1984, To study recent developments in forest fire protection training - USA

Mr Rodolfo Monteleone, 2011
To investigate methods for improving the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the Victorian Jury System - Canada, USA, UK

Mr Colin Moore, 2011
To study the interface between contemporary and traditional healing methods for youth that support transition to adulthood - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Frederick Morgan, 1970
To extend knowledge of manufacture of recorders, examine surviving Baroque instruments and study techniques used to measure these old instruments - USA, UK, Germany

Mr Drew Morgan, 2002.2
To undertake a study of specific intelligence gathering programmes directed against organised crime - Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Israel

Dr Prue Morgan, 2016
To gain new knowledge regarding optimising physical function in adults ageing with cerebral palsy - Norway, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Mr Geoffrey Morris, 2001
To study the interpretation and performance of 19th Century solo guitar and leider repertoire for performance on period instruments - USA, Italy

Sister Margaret Morris, 1981
To study developments in the field of self-care dialysis and renal transplantation - USA, UK, Canada, France

Reverand Grant Morrow OAM, 1985
To study camp and recreational projects for children with muscular dystrophy - USA, Canada

Mr Brian Moss, 1982
To study developments in aged care programmes - UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada

Mr Richard Mounsey, 1975
To observe new and developing techniques applied in commercial fishing - Canada

Mrs Penelope Mountain, 1977
To study the work of volunteer probation officers and their co-operation with state systems - USA, Canada

Ms Margaret Mudford, 2006
To study day hospice services which will enable multidisciplinary teams to support patients, carers and their families - Canada, Ireland, UK

Mr Gregory Mulcahy, 1989
To visit zoological gardens that have constructed naturalistic exhibits and to study the reactions of animals to these exhibits - USA

Ms Jane Mullett, 1992
To visit the major centres for circus training in order to apply the lessons in Australia, particularly at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus - China, Russia, France, UK, Netherlands

Mr John Mulvany, 1993
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to investigate current dairy extension and farmer training techniques - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands

Mr Barry Munce, 1973
To investigate aspects of freeway construction techniques with particular emphasis on bituminous concrete and cement concrete pavement construction - Germany, Switzerland, UK, Canada, USA

Miss Jane Munday, 1991
To study media training courses at police colleges and police media liaison for major crimes and incidents such as earthquakes, air crashes and traffic crashes - UK, USA, Canada

Dr Jane Munro, 2003
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to evaluate and compare several centres with different models of multidisciplinary paediatric pain units with a view to improving local Victorian paediatric pain services - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden

Dr David Munro, 2004
To examine the role of physiotherapy in circus arts in reducing the risk of injury, improving workplace practices and maximising performance skills - Canada, USA, China

Ms Marie Murfet, 2008
To investigate culturally relevant responsive programs and engagement practices for Indigenous prisoners and offenders - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Gregory Murphy, 1979
To study overseas developments in the design of public buildings involving specific community input and changing user requirements - UK

Mr John Murphy, 1984
To attend a course at the Mayo Clinic and study the rehabilitation of laryngectomees, persons who have had their larynx removed by surgery - USA

Mr Patrick Murphy, 2001
To study all aspects of traditional farm cider house orchard practice, production, equipment, style and tourism - France, UK

Mr Samuel Murray, 2009
To assess the impact of compulsory registration and accreditation systems of support staff on disability service provision - UK, Norway, Canada, USA

Mr David Musgrove, 2003
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to investigate current trends in the manufacture and marketing of biscuits, particularly through attendance at the IBA Trade Fair - Germany


Mr Neil Naismith, 1972
To study the application of E.D.P. equipment to hospital pharmacy drug distribution methods, and development of regional hospital pharmacy systems - USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, India

Mr Gerard Naughtin, 1989
To examine aspects of care in nursing homes for older people, including organisational practice and consumer advocacy programmes - USA

Mrs Vicki Neele, 1996
To investigate models of arts tourism especially as they relate to rural areas - UK, Belgium, France

Mr Frederick Nelson, 1975
To observe the effective measures used in the printing trade whereby a smooth change-over to new and more advanced technological methods is affected - UK, USA, Sweden

Mr Benjamin Nicholson, 2008
To investigate building facade design and rooftops that transform city buildings into functioning ecosystems - UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore

Mr William Nicholson, 2014
To ascertain the most effective ways of teaching and practicing Indigenous culture in the modern world - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Andrew Nixon, 2007
To study Park Ranger induction and initial training programs - UK, Canada, USA, Argentina

Mr Tom Noble, 2015
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to improve the awareness, availability and use of Automatic External Defibrillators - Netherlands, Denmark, UK, USA

Mr Rod Nockles, 2006
To examine public communication programs with emphasis on private and public sector partnerships designed to protect children using the internet - Singapore, UK, France, USA

Ms Karrina Nolan, 2015
To enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's leadership capacity and engagement in community and civic life - Canada, USA

Mr Drew Noon, 1990
To study viticultural management techniques for sparkling wine production in California - USA

Ms Helen Noonan, 2003
To research the interpretation of Shakespeare, Dario Fo and Emily Dickinson within the musical settings of Australian composers - USA, UK, Italy

Sister Margaret Noone AM IBVM, 1989
The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study centres assisting families with a child suffering a life-threatening illness - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Desmond Norman, 1984
To study Byzantine iconic painting - Russia, Greece, UK

Mr Chris Notman, 1992
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate surveillance units attached to overseas law enforcement agencies with particular reference to methods of training, operational techniques and equipment - USA, UK

Mr Stanislaw Nowak, 1966
To study social science at Ruskin College, Oxford, and observe trade union activities - UK, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden

Dr George Ntoumenopoulos, 2002.2
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study chest physiotherapy techniques to facilitate airway secretion clearance in critically ill patients - Germany, Denmark, UK, Canada

Miss Margaret Nuttall, 1980
To study the principles and operation of triage (selective medical care of casualties) in centres where this has been specially developed, with particular reference to improving immediate care of patients with trauma - USA, UK


Ms Jennifer O'Brien, 2006
To develop an understanding of how bedside computing technology has supported improved healthcare quality, efficiency and safety of patient care - USA, UK, Germany, Denmark

Ms Estelle O'Callaghan, 1999
To study the interpretation and performance of classical solo voice genres - UK

Mr John, O'Callaghan, 2002.2
To study the feasibility of establishing a Sports Court in Victoria using the model of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Olympic Movement's internal dispute resolution body - Switzerland, Canada

Mr Peter O'Connor, 1972
To obtain a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counselling - USA

Mr Timothy O'Connor, 1994
To study the conservation of architectural stone - UK

Mrs Merle O'Donnell (now Warry), 1968
To study and evaluate new educational tests, teaching aids and methods of introducing them into classroom situations - USA, UK

Ms Kathleen O'Dwyer, 1996
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to investigate education programmes in schools with students from many different ethnic backgrounds - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Edward Ogden, 1986
To study the role of the doctor in support of the police force and to disseminate the results through the Association of Australasian and Pacific Area Police Medical Officers - UK, USA

Mr John Oke, 1975
To examine credit facilities available to farmers in overseas countries and to relate such findings to what might be done in Australia - USA, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Denmark

Mr Liam O'Keefe, 2016
To investigate the management and recycling of waste tyres to identify how we can better use this vast resource in Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Singapore

Mr Mark O'Leary, 1989
To study all aspects of selected children's choirs overseas to gain a better understanding of how to create such choirs in Australia - UK, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, USA, Hong Kong

Ms Lauren Oliver, 2016
To improve our ability to nurture the participation, knowledge and potential of vulnerable young people - UK, USA, Nicaragua, India, South Africa

Ms Karen Olsen, 1996
To study the interpretation of historic gardens - UK, France, Netherlands, USA

Ms Cas O'Neill, 1992
To visit post-placement adoption services which have demonstrated a significant impact on adoption outcomes - USA, UK

Ms Tee O'Neill, 1998
To witness contemporary international theatre writing - USA, UK, Netherlands, Madagascar

Mr Stuart Ord, 1997
To investigate urban park management - Canada, USA

Mrs Ann Ortonm, 1988
To study in detail the Spanish cultural practices, specifically pruning techniques, employed in the production of fresh market citrus fruits and also the packaging and marketing methods for export - Spain

Ms Melanie Ostell, 2002.1
To observe editorial and publishing practices within some of the world's most prestigious publishing houses - USA, UK

Mrs Catherine, O'Sullivan, 2000
To investigate strategies and processes for developing vocational education associated enterprise partnerships within rural school communites - USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK

Mr Glenn Owen, 2016
To study contemporary policing capabilities with a particular focus on tactical response models - USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith AO, 1996
To study measures to prevent injury from consumer products - UK, Netherlands, USA


Ms Amanda Pagan, 2016
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the success of outcomes based contracting in disability services - UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden

Reverend Donald Palmer, 1983
To undertake study in the Religious Department at the BBC in London, attend the Eighth International Christian TV Week in Dublin, and to study developments in religious broadcasting - UK, USA, Italy

Ms Kimberly Palmer, 2004
To investigate networking and professional development programs for young professionals and entrepreneurs (under the age of 40) - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, France

Dr Susan Palmer, 2007
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to improve age-specific care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients - UK, USA

Mr Francis Palmos, 1971
To undertake specialist training in aerospace and outer space reporting - USA, UK

Mrs Deborah Paltridge, 2004
To study formal competency assessments of junior doctors in the early postgraduate years for implementation of similar assessments in Australia - UK, Italy, Canada

Mr Adrian Panozzo, 2007
To study activity programs that improve health inequalities in disadvantaged communities - UK, South Africa, USA

Mr Ian Parks, 2007
To examine methods for combating the unlawful exploitation of fisheries resources - Canada, USA

Mr Bruce Pascoe, 1987
To develop professional skills by working with editors of internationally acclaimed magazines in order to improve the opportunities available for publication to Australian short story writers - Singapore, Italy, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Gary Pask, 1988
To study training of personnel in the furniture removal industry - UK, USA, Canada Ms, Nehama, Patkin oam, 2002.2, To access organisations which provide high quality educational orchestral programmes for children - USA

Ms Karen Paton, 2012
To investigate arts precincts that contribute to civic renewal and cultural identity - Sweden, Denmark, Austria, France, UK

Mr John Patrick, 1995
To study aspects of amenity horticulture in dry landscapes and to identify mechanisms of information dissemination throughout the industry - USA, Morocco, Spain

Mr Timothy Paul, 1999
To study critical incident stress management programmes and assess the development of current trends and initiatives relevant to policing - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark

Ms Lisa Pavane, 2012
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to advance the arts in Australia through the teaching of elite vocational ballet in Australia's national school - USA

Mr Jim Pavlidis, 2015
To explore the latest developments in combining modern techniques with stone lithographic printmaking - France

Mr Charles Payton, 2005
To research coaching methods and administration for players with physical and intellectual disabilities - UK, Ireland, Germany

Mr Trevor Pearce, 1968
To investigate research techniques in the study of marine pollution and the disposal of treated sewage effluent in the marine environment - UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands

Mr Alan Peddlesden, 1974
To investigate overseas developments in pre-retirement planning and also the role of voluntary organisations in an integrated programme for the aged - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark

Mr Graeme Peebles, 1977
To study mezzotint print making at the Brera Academy, Milan - Italy

Professor Anna Peeters, 2014
To identify obesity prevention policies most likely to improve social inequalities in obesity - Netherlands, France, UK, USA

Ms Anita Pell, 2008
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study the recruitment and retention of foster carers - Ireland, UK, USA

Mrs Patricia Pengilley, 1975
To study developments in the field of hearing education and rehabilitation for hearing impaired adults - USA, UK, Denmark

Mr Dominic Perissinotto, 1991
To undertake extensive training in the performance of church music on the organ and piano - UK

Dr Donald Perriam, 1972
To broaden medical education, in particular to study corneal disease - UK, USA, Singapore

Mr Bruce Perrott, 1980
To study the manufacture and related welding procedures of T1 high tensile steel as relevant to the construction of heavy haulage trailers - USA

Mrs Judith Petch, 2006
To assess professional learning models for school principals to work and learn together around the improvement of teacher practice in each other's schools - Germany, France, USA

Mr Matthew Pfahlert, 2013
To study social enterprise incubators/accelerators as a tool for rural and regional renewal - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Max Phelan, 1970
To extend knowledge of disaster control, civil defence and rescue techniques - USA, UK, Denmark, Japan

Dr Wayne Phillips, 1983
To study new research in the field of neutrophil microbicidal (white blood cell) mechanisms in laboratories - UK, France, Netherlands, Germany

Mrs Debbie Phyland, 2002.2
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to investigate how occupationally-induced vocal injuries are prevented, assessed and managed - USA

Mr Ian Pidd, 1998
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study with leading theatre companies in the field of arts and disability - Netherlands, UK, USA

Mr Jonathan Pietsch, 2005
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study primary health care partnership program/models that are developing solutions to provide coordinated and quality services for the aged with chronic/complex care needs - New Zealand, UK, Canada

Reverand James Pilmer, 2003
To identify those aspects of religious diversity which have a direct relevance to operational policing in an increasingly diverse society with the aim of helping police become more responsive to individual, significant religious issues - Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada

Mr David Pledger, 2002.1
To investigate the relationship of the actor's body in performance to new media technology, advanced sports practice and high-density public space - Germany, Denmark, South Africa

Mr Paul Plunkett, 1977
To study trumpet and Baroque music under Edward Tarr - Switzerland

Ms Catherine Plunkett, 2016
To investigate how multi-agency responses to family violence can generate positive systemic change - UK, USA

Ms Jennie Ponsford, 1987
To observe treatment of persons suffering from psychological deficits due to brain damage after head injury in order to improve the care for such persons in Australia generally and particularly at Bethesda Hospital in Richmond, Victoria - USA, UK

Ms Jelena Popovic, 2011
To study meaningful sentencing strategies for indigent low level offenders - USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, France, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden

Miss Barbara Potter AM, 1979
To study developments in the use of high quality daycare as a tool for enabling the promotion and maintenance of health, welfare and education of young families who have a temporary or permanent fragility - USA, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Greece, UK

Mr Christopher Povey, 2010
To investigate programs for sustaining the tenancies of high risk tenants - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Frank Powell, 1974
To study modern developments in the science of biometeorology with accent in relation to plants and humans - UK, USA

Ms Kate Prinsley, 2009
To investigate the sustainability of local history and its volunteers in the community - USA, UK

Ms Robyn Pritchard, 1988
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study developments in services for persons with irreversible dementia, with particular emphasis on residential facilities providing extended care services - Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, USA

Ms Corinne Proske, 2009
To ascertain how to maximise the transfer of financial skills to individuals and families either on a low income and/or experiencing financial difficulty - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Mr Adam Przewlocki, 1992
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London - UK

Mr Donald Pulford, 1997
To study the relationship between British and Australian theatre - UK


Miss Colette Quin, 2000
To investigate the promotion and funding of regional community youth theatre - UK

Mr Peter Quinn, 2003
To examine how communities, governments and agencies are dealing with the allocation, transfer and rehabilitation of scarce water resources in the context of escalating demands from competing user groups and declining river health - USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium


Dr Stuart Ralph, 2012
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate open source strategies for developing drugs against neglected parasitic diseases - India

Mrs Jean Randall, 1968
To study and gain experience in lipreading teaching and methods of aiding the adult deaf - USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong

Dr Vinay Rane, 2007
To study methods of prosecuting sexual assault and violent crime offenders without victim involvement - USA, UK

Mr Michael Rankink, 2001
To identify strategies to train operators and users of irrigation systems and investigate working partnerships between key representative groups to enhance water efficiency practices - USA, Canada, Netherlands, Israel

Mr Graeme Ray, 1995
To study wine grape quality as it relates to fruit price and viticultural management of varying grades of fruit quality - South Africa, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Chile

Sergeant Maxwell Read, 1976
To study and investigate the establishment of bomb disposal, explosive reconnaissance, explosive transportation and Render Safe Procedures as associated with police services and police responsibility - UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan

Ms Sara Reece, 1995
To examine and evaluate organisation, structures, functions and subsidies of the major performing arts houses - UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA

Ms Julie Rees, 2002.1
To promote and investigate strategies to develop the literacy skills of deaf students within a bilingual (Auslan/English) P - 12 educational setting - USA

Mr Mark Reeves, 2010
To study approaches to the adolescent experience of a Rite of Passage in contemporary education - Canada 

Ms Sally Reid, 2007
To examine models of training provided to volunteer 'Independent Persons' who support young people through police interviews where no parent or guardian is in attendance - UK

Mr Brian Reynolds, 1969
To study the teaching of deaf children by combined methods and teaching of multiple handicapped children - UK, USA, Russia 

Mr Amgad Rezk, 2014
To analyse needle-free pulmonary delivery of peptide for the treatment of Osteoporosis patients - Singapore

Mrs Carol Richards, 1984
To study aspects of the prevention and amelioration of child abuse, especially among pre-school children - UK, USA, Sweden

Miss Tania Richter, 1979
To undertake a course in mime at Marcel Marceau's International School of Mime - France

Ms Deanne Riddington, 2015
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to build upon the pilot Aboriginal Graduate Nurse Program at St Vincent's Hospital - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Ms Emma Ridley, 2011
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study methods for determining the nutritional needs of critically ill patients - Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Spain

Mr Bruce Rigby, 1993
The IBM Churchill Fellowship to study ways in which computer telecommunication techniques are being used in other countries to expand and enrich the educational opportunities for children of school age - USA, UK, Denmark

Mr Shane Ringin, 2000
To investigate ways to counter the production and use of counterfeit documents - Hong Kong, Netherlands, UK, USA

Mrs Renata Ringin, 2002.2
To undertake a study of retail civil recovery programmes and legislation - NZ, USA, UK

Mr Kevin Ritchie, 1983
To study the development and application of government programs to improve tree planting, maintenance and management on private land - USA

Ms Karen Roberts, 2008
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study current advances in rehabilitation services for upper limb amputees - USA, UK, Sweden

Ms Michelle Roberts, 2010
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies that contribute to creating a classroom environment where school aged children who have experienced emergencies and disasters are able to maintain their social, emotional and academic trajectories - USA, Israel

Ms Linnhe Robertson, 1993
To study the training of opera singers - Hong Kong, Italy, USA, UK

Dr Douglas Robinson, 2006
To study agricultural incentive schemes and associated wildlife conservation programmes - UK, Ireland

Mr Matthew Robinson, 2011
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study book-writing, composition and lyric-writing for musical theatre under the mentorship of Stephen Schwartz - USA

Mr Murray Robinson, 2015
To examine trauma-informed models of youth detention - USA, Norway, Netherlands

Miss Erin Roche, 2016
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to accelerate and strengthen costume design practices in the Australian screen industry - Italy, USA, UK

Dr Jillian Rodda, 2012
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to examine new methods for designing, aligning and tuning orthotic footwear combinations for children with disabilities - Denmark, UK, USA

Ms Chelsea Roffey, 2014
To explore strategies for influencing social change that enables and encourages girls to be the authors of their own lives - USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, India

Detective Sergeant John Rogers, 1973
To study the latest methods adopted internationally of facial identification in relation to criminals, unidentified persons and skeletal remains - Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong

Sister Mary Rogers, 1970
To study the placement of disturbed children in foster care and training courses in this field - Israel, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Nina Rogers, 2009
To study regional partnerships and collaborative programs for enhanced local government adaptation to climate change - UK, Belgium, Canada, USA

Ms Jane Rooney, 2016
To investigate contemporary conservative management programs for Anterior Cruciate knee injuries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, USA

Mr Lionel Rose, 1978
To study developments in the manufacture, use and maintenance of all victim rescue equipment and emergency procedures for evacuation and disaster control in multi-storey hospital buildings - USA, UK

Reverend Thomas Rose, 2008
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study pastoral care models for implementation in Paediatric Intensive Care Units - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Gary Rosengarten, 2002.2
To investigate current "Lab-on-a-Chip" technology developments, and the lessons to be learned from startup companies' commercialisation - Switzerland, USA

Ms Pamela Ross, 2015
To investigate driving simulator use in assessment and rehabilitation of disabled and older drivers - Netherlands, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada

Miss Judith Rossell, 1995
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study at the Scottish College of Textiles - UK

Miss Glenys Rowe, 1966
To gain training and experience in occupational therapy at postgraduate level - UK, USA

Ms Leigh Rowles, 2001
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to investigate training methods, academic educational structure and accommodation options of first class ballet schools to facilitate the implementation of a full-time Junior School at the Australian Ballet School - USA, Canada, France, Germany, Russia

Mr Fabian Russell, 2011
To research leading advanced orchestral training programs - USA

Miss Brooke Ryan, 2002.1
To study water sensitive urban design and sustainable environmental systems in landscape architectural design - Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Morocco, India

Mr Marcus Ryan, 2010
To investigate landscaping practices and plant selection for ornamental horticulture within dry climates - UK, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, France

Mr John Ryan, 2012
To investigate the adoption of a recovery paradigm to tackle drug problems - USA, UK

Mr Gary Ryan, 2013
To investigate strategies and techniques relating to intelligence led court security - UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Mrs April Ryan (now using Baragwanath), 1994
The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study case management and community care programmes for frail older people and people with dementia - USA, UK

Ms Jenny Ryssenbeek, 1995
To broaden knowledge of heritage property conservation and management - UK, Netherlands, USA


Mr Jack Sach, 1980
To study overseas developments in bicycle planning, including engineering, education and enforcement programmes - Netherlands, Sweden, USA

Mr George Said, 1980
To attend a cross-cultural workshop at the N.T.L. Institute, Philadelphia, and to study developments in management of multicultural workshops - Canada, USA, UK

Ms Jennifer Sainsbury, 2009
To study methods for building the capacity of the education sector to support same sex attracted young people - UK, Netherlands, USA

Mrs Susan, Salau, 2010
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to explore leading palliative care volunteer service models to ensure volunteer service and resource development in Australia is sustainable - Singapore, UK, USA, Canada

Mr Thomas Sanders, 1973
To view architectural commissions in ceramic murals and investigate factory techniques and finishes in ceramic tiles - France, Spain, Italy

Mr Geoffrey Saul, 2000
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to learn about trends in sustainable and productive grazing systems for sheep and cattle - UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark

Mr Donald Saunders, 1970
To study national park planning techniques - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Alan Saunders, 1994
To study micrografting, scion and rootstock selection for grapevines and Australian natives - France, Italy, USA

Ms Joanne Saunders, 2009
To research original tenor recorders to design and make new instruments based on historical models - UK, Denmark, Netherlands, France, USA

Mr Padraic Savage, 1995
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to study violin at the Royal College of Music - UK

Mr Stefano Scalzo, 2015
To research the design of high amenity mental health facilities built over multiple levels - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Canada

Matron Margaret Scharp, 1979
To study overseas developments of high security nursing of infectious diseases - UK, USA, Sweden

Miss Carolyn Schilling, 1991
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake a period of intense study of the flute - France, Sweden, UK

Mr Jesse Schloegel, 2005
The Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate the function of a malarial parasite surface protein which has a potential role in binding to the human red blood cell - Papua New Guinea

Mr Clive Scott, 1991
To investigate asset confiscation legislation and methods - USA, UK, France, Switzerland

Mr Kevin Scott, 2004
To examine how leadership development programs attain a high level of people management skills, including supportive leadership, that builds community relations and achieves the organisational outcomes being sought - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong

Ms Christine Scott, 2011
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study the integration of complementary and supportive therapies with conventional medical care for people with cancer - USA, UK

Ms Padmini Sebastian, 2000
To investigate innovative practices in the presentation of information in museums - UK

Mr Mark Selkrig, 2003
To study how artists work both individually and collectively with communities/organisations to assist in making communities dynamic and vibrant places - UK, Sweden, Finland

Ms Claire Seppings, 2015
To study the rehabilitative role of ex-prisoners/offenders as peer mentors in reintegration models - UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA

Ms Vivienne Sercombe, 2000
To investigate ways to encourage young people to participate in the arts - USA, Canada, UK

Mr John Sewell, 1979
To study overseas developments and trends in production and market requirements of pasture and vegetable seeds in the European Economic Community and the Middle East - UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Iraq

Ms Lucinda Sharp, 2003
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways of improving psychological functioning among dancers in vocational training environments and, more broadly, to study the evolving role of psychology in dance - UK, France, Canada, USA

Mr Barry Sheen, 1974
To study trends in school library development more particularly in primary schools - USA, Canada

Ms Veronica Sheen, 2002.1
The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to study specific policies and programmes for disadvantaged older workers and to investigate generic policy development in relation to ageing workforce issues - USA, UK

Mrs Joanne Sheldrick, 2003
To study growing practices, mechanical harvesting, bulk pickling processes, bulk storage and packaging of Jalapeno Chillies - USA

Ms Dimity Shepherd, 2003
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to further my career as a performer of contemporary opera by attending the annual New-Op Meeting - Netherlands, Italy, UK

Superintendent Kevin Sheridan, 2001
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to review Asset Confiscation (Proceeds of Crime) Management Models in international police jurisdictions in order to identify an effective model for implementation in the Australian criminal justice system - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, France, Hong Kong

Mr Russell Shields, 2013
To investigate international models of food rescue and community food initiatives that address food security for vulnerable populations - Canada, USA, UK

Mrs Wendy Shiels, 2001
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to investigate programmes where non-professional volunteers are used to support and assist family carers of people with dementia - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden

Miss Ursula Shirley, 1977
To study overseas developments in advanced radiographic techniques more particularly in the use of the scanner which performs Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT) - UK, USA

Dr Nataliya Shkuratova, 2013
The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to discover new ways to develop and deliver multidisciplinary falls prevention intervention that can effectively protect older Australians from falls after discharge from hospital - UK, Netherlands, France, USA, Canada

Mr Richard Sigston, 1967
To gather knowledge of modern compositional trends in piano music for use in doctoral thesis - Austria

Mr Terence Simmons, 1969
To study work on the establishment of satisfactory two-way relationships between clothing research and the clothing industry - Sweden, UK

Ms Maria Simonelli, 2001
To determine the motivational factors at work for organisations endeavouring to integrate environmental principles into their business objectives - USA, Canada

Mr Andrew Simpson, 2004
To examine the ways in which legal and related services ("elder law services") are co-ordinated and delivered to meet the needs of a growing elderly population - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Yvonne Singer, 2007
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study burns surveillance, prevention and management - USA

Mr Matcham Skipper, 1970
To study gothic and renaissance forms of art with particular emphasis on sculpture techniques - Greece, Italy, Spain, France, UK

Miss Jane Slack-Smith, 2000
To study conventional and innovative rehabilitation techniques for quarries and mines - UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong

Ms Jo Slattery, 2000
To undertake an overseas field collection of new genetic Rhizobium material vital for improving the growth of Australian pasture and crop legumes - South America, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Syria, India

Mr George Smale, 1968
To study training methods in all fields of social welfare - Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA

Mr George Smith, 1970
To study practical implications of establishing "therapeutic hostels" for drug and alcohol addicts - UK, USA

Mr Barry Smith, 1974
To study modern developments in laboratory procedures and technical courses dealing with advanced restorative procedures for dental technicians - UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland

Mr Graeme Smith, 2001
To study the latest developments in Cone Penetration testing methods, equipment and theory for implementation within the geotechnical industry - UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Canada

Mr Paul Smith, 2003
To study the operation of specialised Domestic Violence Courts, especially with respect to Court ordered behaviour change programs - USA

Mr Paul Smith, 2008
To study ecclesiastical stone sculpture, restoration and conservation - Spain, France, UK

Ms Fiona Smith, 2013
To investigate innovative market based approaches for stimulating biodiversity conservation efforts on private land - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Frances Sorensen, 2002.1
To research water quality monitoring by adult community volunteers - USA

Ms Efterpi Soropos, 2013
To investigate, develop and implement aged care dementia  immersive sensory art projects - Hong Kong, Japan, UK

Mr Stanley Spencer, 1979
To study the range and variety of educational programmes for physically handicapped students with special reference to aspects of integrating the handicapped in normal schools and the community - UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden

Mr Geoffrey Spencer, 1989
To study irrigation management trends - USA, Thailand

Mr Dan Spielman, 2002.2
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to investigate theatre, translation (poetry) and radioplays - France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, UK

Ms Amanda Spillare, 2007
To establish a support network for young people living with Parkinson's - USA, UK

Mr Michael Spivakovsky, 1968
To study research findings relevant to the design and development of new type schools - UK, USA

Dr Ross Squire, 1976
To visit the leading conifer research centres overseas in order to evaluate the most recent findings and views including the effectiveness of a range of investigatory processes - New Zealand, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, USA

Mr Robert Stafford, 1984
To study developments in the field of reproductive management of beef cattle and the extension methods used to promote adoption of this management - USA, UK

Mr Michael Stephens, 1993
To identify ways to improve farm business management in Australia - New Zealand, UK

Mrs Fiona Stevens, 2002.2
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to assess the aims, methods, successes and problems of the "Repeat Victimisation (Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence) Task Force" - UK

Mr Gordon Stewart, 1974
To gain first hand experience of the organisation and operation of the artificial breeding schemes for the herd improvement of cattle - USA, UK, Canada, France

Mr Kristopher Stewart, 2001
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to explore different processes of developing new musical theatre works and the companies that best foster the creativity of contemporary musical theatre artists - USA

Mr Bernard Stock, 1989
To visit academic institutions to study the range, purpose and content of educational programmes available to service the textile manufacturing industry - UK

Mr Paul Stolz, 2000
To investigate adventure and wilderness therapy for adolescents - USA, Canada

Mr Donald Story, 1994
To study communication within the US beef industry, particularly the universities, their extension services and the beef industry media - USA

Mr Barry Stow, 1981
To study the methods used to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and cost benefits of local government health services against community needs - USA, UK

Ms Penelope Stoyles, 2000
To study science communication and teaching/learning strategies in science museums and science centres - Singapore, USA, UK, France, Italy

Mr Edward Strickland, 1982
To study developments in transport services and the design of accessible public transport for use by mobility disadvantaged persons - USA, Canada

Mr Richard Strugnell, 1984
To study microbiological research technology directed towards the development of an effective vaccine against syphilis - USA, UK

Mr Jim Stynes OAM, 2006
The 40th Anniversary Churchill Fellowship (VIC) to study evidence based youth programmes and models that support the building of self esteem and resilience in young people - USA, UK

Ms Elise Sullivan, 2003
To examine how media coverage of negative incidents impacts on public confidence in an organisation, with particular reference to police corruption - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK

Miss Emma Sullivan, 2012
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake private tuition and mentoring from renowned French double bass pedagogue and performer Thierry Barbe - France

Mr Peter Sutton, 1995
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study the design of medium density housing for the aged - Canada, USA

Ms Vilma Svab, 1999
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to research holiday and travel needs/options for people with physical disabilities - USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Switzerland

Miss Wendy Swift OAM, 1976
To observe first hand the work being done at leading burns centres more particularly in respect to children suffering from burns - Denmark, USA

Mrs Elizabeth Symons, 2001
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to undertake an intensive bowel continence nursing course and to observe programmes and research in incontinence management - UK

Mr David Symons, 2012
To study Elder Clown programs in aged care facilities - Netherlands, France, UK, Canada, USA

Ms Loris Synan, 1996
To study the accent method and other related breathing techniques in relationship to professional voice users and voice problems - Sweden, Denmark

Dr Tricia Szirom, 1997
To investigate the creation of partnerships between commercial and not-for-profit organisations - USA, Canada


Miss Jacqueline Taplin, 2000
To gain a greater understanding of programme delivery and broader systemic issues relating to sex offenders - USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand

Mr Richard Tarr, 2003
To investigate new developments in desalination and wastewater recovery membrane treatment techniques, particularly focusing on minimising energy consumption, energy recovery systems and chemical use and process waste reduction - USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, West Indies, Singapore

Mr Ian Taylor, 1971
To study laboratory methods and techniques for the detection and determination of residues and pesticides and other foreign substances in food and the environment in general - Israel, UK, USA

Mr Bernard Teague AO, 2008
To develop a systematic approach to mentoring for the Australian judiciary - Armenia, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA

Mrs Jocelyn Teh, 1984
To investigate the operation of Parent Education Resource Centres for deaf and hard of hearing children - USA

Mr Ian Temby, 1999
To investigate approaches to wildlife damage management - Canada, USA

Mrs Ethel Temby, 1976
To see in operation various support services for the mentally retarded and their families - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden

Ms Jessica Thakur, 2009
To undertake an intensive training course in Swiss watchmaking - Switzerland

Mr Edward Thexton, 2002.1
To study riparian vegetation rehabilitation assessment, planning and management in agricultural (non reserved) areas - USA, New Zealand, UK, South Africa

Dr Clayton Thomas, 1993
To develop a predictive model for outcome following back injury in order to promote high quality rehabilitation with durable outcome - USA, UK

Mr Jack Thomas, 1977
To study first hand administration, course content and methods of training apprentices in horticulture - UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Damien Thomas, 2008
To investigate methods to improve the competitiveness of Australian manufacturing through enhanced technology application - Germany

Mr William Thomas PSM, 2012
To investigate sustainability education and sustainability practice with emphasis on water, waste, energy and biodiversity - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Ireland

Dr Andrew Thompson, 2003
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study management systems that optimise the location of plant species within landscapes (including within paddocks) to improve animal production, product quality, water use and minimise the loss of nutrients to the environment - UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA

Ms Annemarie Tilley, 1997
To evaluate the application of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to the operation of the Small Claims Tribunal - USA, Canada, UK, Singapore

Ms Jennifer Townsend, 1989
To study the facilities and support services for tertiary students with disabilities - USA, UK 

Mr Geoffrey Tozer, 1969
To advance studies in pianoforte and enter the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition - UK

Ms Vicki Trethowan, 2004
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate procedures identified by school principals, teachers and welfare staff when supporting and assisting school community members with recovery following a significant traumatic event - USA, UK, Norway

Mr James Troup, 1983
To study developments in commercial lamb production - UK, France, Sweden, Germany

Mr Edward Tudor, 2016
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs that support the transition of young Indigenous or disadvantaged people to mainstream education - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Finland

Mrs Frances Turnbull (now Cowden), 1977
To study the production and development techniques of audiovisual material for use in schools - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Bruce Turner, 1998
To investigate the management of public disputes, particularly those associated with land or resources - USA, Canada, UK

Dr Susannah Tye, 2010
To study the development of subsecond neurotransmitter monitoring techniques for behavioural research and neurosurgical procedures - USA


Mr Robin Underwood, 1971
To visit highway and other appropriate authorities to study and evaluate current practice and trends in design and operation of freeways and also to inquire into the social effects of freeways - USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy

Mr Jeremy Upton, 2000
To research food safety, quality assurance and marketing of beef - USA, Canada

Reverend Robert U'ren, 1978
To assess in relation to the Australian situation the relevance of recent developments of programmes for the welfare of homeless persons - UK, USA, Netherlands, Canada

Ms Melissa Urquhart, 2000
To study the organisation of self help groups for people who stutter - Poland, UK, Canada, USA

Mr John Usher, 1976
To investigate overseas developments which have a bearing on, and assist with, the development and future organisation of outer suburban bus services - UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, USA


Dr Geoffrey Vaughan, 1968
To study trends and research findings in both academic and professional pharmacy - Singapore, UK, USA, Canada

Dr Friederike Veit, 2001
To study heroin prescription programmes and needle exchanges in prisons - Switzerland, Germany, UK

Mrs Mary Vidler, 1978
To observe the organisation of parent involvement in the home management and education of young deaf children - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands

Miss Merilyn Voigt, 1985
To study the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and antique furniture - UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany


Dr Yoland Wadsworth, 1995
To gain insights and information to enhance Australia's capacity to assist community services, organisations and groups to build self-research and evaluation - UK, USA

Ms Helen Waite, 1999
To investigate the grapevine nursery industry - USA, France, Italy

Miss Wendy Walker, 1978
To undertake the diploma course in choreology at the Institute of Choreology in London - UK

Ms Beverley Wallace, 2008
The E.C. Webb Trust Churchill Fellowship to study dairy industry greenhouse gas emissions and policy development - New Zealand, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, UK

Mr Stephen Walls, 2002.1
The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to study the training of firefighters in the command and control skills necessary to manage major fires - USA, UK

Mr Craig Walsh, 2002.2
To evaluate selection and training methodology, applicant assessment and workplace linkages in units considered to be world leaders in tactical policing - USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland

Detective Sergeant Paul Walshe, 2002.2
To study the methods and safe practices employed by overseas law enforcement agencies pertaining to the recruitment, management and protection of confidential informants - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland

Mr Rodney Walters, 1984
To study the methods of determining the cause of a fire and in particular, investigation of arson and deliberate fire lighting - USA, Canada

Mrs Elaine Walters, 1988
To study at an international level the results of long term cannabis use and the ramifications of decriminalisation - Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Egypt

Dr Tracey Wardill, 2008
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate the diagnosis and clinical management of fronto-temporal dementia - UK, USA

Miss Susan Watkins, 2001
To retrieve techniques lost to modern millinery in Australia and study new developments in materials and design methods - UK, France

Mr William Watson, 1967
To study and investigate developments in assisting deaf children to be rehabilitated and integrated into normal hearing schools - UK, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, New Zealand

Mr Arthur Webb, 1968
To study current world trends in reafforestation and management - South Africa, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway

Mr Lincoln Weddell, 2010
To investigate world production of vegetable seeds within the framework of possible widespread shortages - USA, France, Netherlands, South Africa

Ms Joanna Weir, 1988
To further develop skills as a voice teacher for professional actors and student actors, particularly in the connection between voice and text - USA, UK 

Mr Stanton Welch, 1993
To study the choreography of various types and styles of dance - UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, USA

Mr Wayne Weller, 1998
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to investigate the optimum use of fertilisers on dairy farms without detriment to the environment - UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Inspector M Wells, 1984
To study developments in the techniques of investigation and prosecution of commercial crime - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong

Mr Steven Wells, 2015
To research the development, use and management of therapeutic gardens within healthcare settings - Singapore, UK, USA

Dr David Wells OAM, 1992
The Percy Baxter Churchill Fellowship to study education, training and research programmes in forensic medicine - UK, Netherlands

Ms Caroline Welsh, 1998
To investigate ways to increase the export of fresh stone fruit - Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, South Africa, China, Taiwan

Miss Margaret White, 1991
To observe and investigate current policy, practice, programming and research in hospital schools and child-life departments within major paediatric hospitals - USA, Canada, UK

Mr David White, 1991
To research community based projects designed to support isolated young people - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden

Ms Ilka White, 2000
To observe and learn from craftspeople practicing traditional weaving methods - Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bhutan

Mr Kevin White, 2016
To increase safety by removing, reducing and mitigating occupational violence in prisons and like facilities - Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Singapore

Mr Paul Whitehorn, 2001
To create partnerships between Australian zoos and in-situ field programmes to facilitate captive breeding of wild dogs in Australian zoos for release into the wild - Zimbabwe, Zambia

Miss Pam Whiteley, 1985
To study wildlife management and medicine in zoos and free ranging parks - USA, Canada

Ms Julie Whitfield, 2013
To obtain information and direction from leading experts in butterfly conservation and community engagement - USA, UK

Dr Georgina Whiting, 2016
To investigate strategies for improving access to primary healthcare services for homeless women - USA, UK, Belgium

Mr Ion Whykes, 1970
To study the organisation and operation of non-graded schools - USA, Canada

Mr Jeremy Wiggins, 2016
To investigate models of health service delivery to transgender and gender diverse populations - UK, Germany, USA, Argentina

Mr Peter Wilkins, 2002.1
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of identifying electronic crime which will contribute to the development of Australasia's response - USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Japan

Mr Geoffrey Wilkinson OAM, 1985
To study developments in police media relations with particular emphasis on police/community involvement initiatives - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong

Mr Peter Williams, 1983
To attend a turf conference and to investigate the effects of parasitic nemotodes in turf management and the problems associated with ageing turf areas - USA 

Mr Rhys Williams, 1996
To investigate world best practice in the provision of services to people with spina bifida - USA, Canada

Mrs Heather Williams, 1995
To study the integration of autistic children into regular schools, the effects of this on the family and to research courses available to teachers of autistic children - Singapore, UK, South Africa 

Ms Tracy Williams, 1997
To examine the representation, employment and training of African-American and ethnic minorities working in television broadcast news - USA, Canada 

Mr Tristram Williams, 2008
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study 21st Century trumpet techniques - USA, UK, Germany, France

Mr Gregory Williams, 2008
To study cake decorating and bakery training - USA

Mr Mark Williams, 2008
To study healing practices for Indigenous men - USA, Canada

Ms Anne Williams PSM, 2004
To study the elements of successful composer/child collaborations as evidenced by the work of specific composers in order to ascertain those ideas which could be applied in Australia - Finland, Slovenia, Canada

Miss Betty Wilson, 1967
To further my knowledge of paediatric haematology and medical technology - Singapore, Malaysia, India, Israel, Switzerland, France, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Alan Wilson, 1982
To study the teaching of woodcraft and to obtain practical experience with recognised American wood-craftsmen - USA

Mr Ian Wilson, 1982
To study underwater engineering techniques and diving systems - UK

Mr Stephen Wilson, 2007
To study programs which support young people who self-harm - UK

Dr Leeanda Wilton, 1990
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study new techniques of micromanipulation of mice eggs and embryos in order to make a major contribution to research on early development and our understanding of why birth defects occur - UK

Ms Kim Windsor, 1990
To report on innovative approaches to training and job design which meet the dual criteria of improving company efficiency and the employment conditions and opportunities of its workforce, especially women - Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan

Mr Russell Witcombe, 1988
To study agricultural adjustment programmes operating to assist farm families and rural communities experiencing financial difficulty, with particular emphasis on financial counselling services for farm families in crisis - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Dennis Witcombe, 2010
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to research advanced communication for the Deafblind community - USA, Finland

Mr Conrad Wood, 1969
To study technology of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in their application to tasks of forestry significance - USA, Canada

Mr David Wood, 1977
To study overseas methods used in the conservation, preservation and restoration of cultural material - Italy, UK

Mr Arron Wood, 2007
To review environmental education programs that have been replicated at a global level - USA, UK, Switzerland

Associate Professor Erica Wood, 2013
The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to establish a collaborative clinical research program in patient blood management - USA, UK, Spain, Switzerland

Reverend Geoffrey Woodfield, 1981
To attend an international conference on child abuse and to study child protection services - UK, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France

Mr Steven Woodgate, 2000
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to gain an understanding of world class Ballet Master Teaching - USA, Canada, Spain, Germany

Mr Michael Woods, 1974
To engage in research in the programmes for education and training which assist small businessmen - USA

Mr Clancy Wright, 2010
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study methods for initiating cultural change regarding alcohol consumption - UK, Ireland

Mr Nicholas Wyman, 2012
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study new approaches to engage young Australians in skilled careers - USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK


Mr Rao Yalamanchili, 1993
The AMCOR Churchill Fellowshpi to study the latest practices in de-inking and paper recycling - UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Germany

Mr John Yelland, 1981
To study developments in the beef industries - Canada, USA

Mr Kai Yeung, 1989
To study the methods used by overseas law enforcement agencies in the combating of organised crime - USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Mr Wesley Young, 1973
To investigate the methods, objectives and contents of courses to train library technicians and library assistants - USA, Canada

Mr Ian Young, 1999
To investigate the development of operational performance measurement systems for implementation within small to medium sized manufacturing environments - Japan, USA, UK


Mr Peter Zly, 2007
To research traditional shoemaking skills - India